13 Fascinating Facts About Hannibal Barca

6. He Lost His Eye

Hannibal History

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Hannibal lost his eye but his statues do not show him with an eye-patch although he was known to wear that in reality. After he won the battle of the Trebia River, Hannibal, instead of facing the Roman armies by following the straight path, went ahead via the swampy route. The feet of his men and himself rotted and because of water all around and no place to sleep, his right eye got infected. He bored his eye and it became a sign of his victory and a badge of honor to show his troops and countrymen.

7. He had three historically dramatic victories

Hannibal Commander

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He had three historically dramatic victories – The Trebia, Lake Trasimene and Cannae. He showed his strengths to the best extent and exploited his enemy’s weaknesses to the maximum level. Despite this, he was unable to march on Rome to fulfill his father’s desire but he kept firm control over major part of Italy for about fifteen years. An enemy counter attack of North Africa forced him to return to Carthage where he was defeated by Scipio Africanus in battle of Zama.

8. He Crossed The Alps To Beat The Romans

Hannibal Commander

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When Hannibal crossed the Alps in 218 B.C. that is considered one of the greatest deeds of bravery of his. Despite all the risks involved, Hannibal crossed the Alps for he knew that the price in joy of future victory shall overpower the pain of present struggle. His forces had better mastery in warfare on land so he led his 40000 men across the Alps to beat the Romans on land who were supremely strong in sea but weak on land warfare.

9. He Hated The Romans Since Childhood

Hannibal Commander

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Hannibal history states that when he was 9 years old, he pleaded his father to take him to on the campaign in Spain. But his father Hamilcar, made him harbor eternal hatred for Rome. As a young officer in Spain, Hannibal Barca won his first credentials under the command of Hasdrubal, Hamilcar’s successor. His desire to mercilessly take over the Romans traced its roots into his early childhood years. Maybe that was why he was so driven and became Hannibal the conqueror later in his life.

10. Hanibal’s Elephant

Hannibal Commander

Image Credit: wikimedia

In Hannibal’s army, there were a lot of elephants. Most of them were African and were smaller in size as compared to the large Asian elephant on which Hannibal himself rode. This large elephant was the ride for Hannibal the conqueror. Riding on an elephant, Hannibal got a better and clear view of the battlefield. The elephant was named Surus, that means “The Syrian” and didn’t have a tusk. Maybe that was something that made Hannibal feel similar to Surus since he had lost one eye while Surus had lost a tusk.

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