15 Greatest Women in History

11. Marie Stopes

great women in history

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The British scientist was known all over the world for her pioneering role in the advocacy of sex education and birth control. She worked tirelessly to raise awareness about birth control among women. Stopes also spoke publicly on romantic and sexual happiness in a marriage. She broke taboos and many social barriers in the society.

12. Helen Keller

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This American author, political activist and lecturer, was born in 1880, and went blind and deaf before she was 19 months of age. Her teacher Anne Sullivan, broke through the almost complete lack of language and communication, and Keller went on to become one of the most famous women in American history. Throughout her life, she championed the rights of people with disabilities. Keller was widely-traveled and much outspoken about what she believed.

13. Marie Curie

great women in history

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The Polish scientist was a two-time Nobel Prize winner, once in physics and the other in chemistry, at a time when women scientists itself were a rare breed. She developed x-ray machines, and also discovered radium and polonium. She died of aplastic anemia in July 1934, believed to be contracted for her prolonged exposure to radioactive materials because of her research. The effects of ionising radiation were not much known at that time. She remains one of the greatest women in history.

14. Margaret Thatcher

important women in history

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The British stateswoman was three-time prime minister of the UK from 1979 to 1990. Margaret Thatcher was a senior leader of Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990. She was also the longest serving prime minister of Britain of the 20th century and the first woman to hold the office. Thatcher was dubbed as the “Iron Lady” by a Soviet journalist in the eighties, because of her style of leadership and uncompromising leadership. She is said to have introduced the “Thatcherism” line of politics. She was a chemist and barrister before joining active politics.

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15. Ellen Ochoa

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Born in 1958, Ellen Ochoa is a woman of rare achievement. As an advanced optical information systems researcher and an astronaut, Ochoa flew her first space shuttle in 1993 as mission specialist of Discovery. She conducted solar and atmospheric studies to better understand the effect of solar activity on earth and the environment. She is the first Hispanic astronaut and has logged more than 500 hours in space and considered among the greatest women in history.

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