15 Famous Nobel Prize Winners Of All Times

9. Rabindranath Tagore

List Of Nobel Prize Winners

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In the year 1913, Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for the remarkable Gitanjali: Song Offerings. It is a compilation of religious poems that have been regarded as profoundly beautiful, fresh and sensitive. According to facts, he was awarded the Nobel Prize as an Anglo-Indian and not as an Indian or a Bengali. He is regarded as one of the greatest names in Indian Literature. He was renowned across East Asia, North America and Europe.

10. Mother Teresa

List Of Nobel Prize Winners

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Mother Teresa had an Albanian origin and lived in Calcutta, India. She served the poor, lepers and orphans all throughout her life. She founded The Missionaries of Charity, and spent 45 years of her life, administering to the needy. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1979. Her Missionaries of Charity, spread far wide across countries, to help the poor and needy. Mother Teresa also received sainthood in the year 2016.

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11. Yasser Arafat

Nobel Prize Winners

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Yasser Arafat received the Peace Prize in the year 1994 along with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. For many decades, the war between Israel and its neighboring states and the Israel – Palestine conflict has been counted as the most menacing and irreconcilable war of all times. His tireless struggle from bringing about peace in the Middle East was the reason behind their victory. The people of Palestine hail him as their greatest freedom fighter who represented their national aspirations.

12. Ernest Hemingway

Nobel Prize Winners

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Ernest Hemingway received the award in the year 1954, in the field of literature. Through his books, he ignited public consciousness towards general good, and he made a huge impact on the literary world as well. He was praised for “mastery of the art of narrative” by the Nobel Prize committee. Both children, as well as adults, enjoy his works.

13. Linus Pauling

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Linus Pauling hailed from Portland, U.S.A. He is one of the very few people to have received two Nobel Prizes, that too in two very different fields. In 1954, he won an award in the field of chemistry. He researched on chemical bonds and their impact on complex bonds, plus the nature of covalent bonds as well; all this impressed the Nobel Prize committee. In the year 1962, he went ahead and won the peace prize. His activism against the arms race, and nuclear weapons, along with his efforts to use Vitamin C in the megavitamin therapy to cure cancer made him a definite winner of the peace prize.

14. Dalai Lama

Nobel Prize Winners

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Dalai Lama received the Nobel peace prize in the year 1989. He has struggled for the liberation of Tibet, since years. The man has been against any form of violence in this struggle and has always promoted tolerance and peaceful solutions.

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15. Sir Clive Granger

Nobel Prize Winners

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The last name in this list of Nobel Prize winners is Sir Clive Granger who was a Welsh economist. He won the Nobel memorial prize in 2003, for his method of analyzing economic statistics. This method really revolutionized interpreting economic and financial data.

The Nobel Prize is the highest honor to bestow upon a person. All Nobel Prize winners have worked tediously to bring about path-breaking achievements in their respective fields. They have strived tirelessly and failed sometimes, but they never gave up. These people are examples and inspiration to the rest of the world. Their ambition, passion and hard work is a benchmark for all of us.

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