15 Interesting Facts About Alexander The Great

11. Alexander the Great might have been a bisexual

Alexander The Great

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Many findings lead us to believe that Alexander was bisexual. This is because he was in relationship with men as well as women at different points of time. However, recent findings claim that he was not bisexual but was simply an articulate general who could enter into relations for furthering his political interests. His sexual partners included his wives, concubines and the most beloved confidante named Hephaestion. He also had relations with a beautiful penuche named Bagoas who was of Persian descent. He is believed to have kissed him publicly at one of the public gatherings in Salmus.

12. Alexander the Great used saffron to wash his hair

Facts About Alexander The Great

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Alexander was one of the best dressed generals in his time. He smelled good too at all times of the day because of the floral baths that he took to keep smelling nice all the time. According to historians, the general washed his hair everyday with saffron. This was done on a regular basis in order to keep his hair bouncy and glowing always. During those times, saffron was not available for commoners and costed more than gold. You can guess how much fortune went into washing his hair daily!

13. Hercules, the Greek mythological warrior was Alexander the Great’s idol

Alexander The Great

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Can you guess who was Alexander’s idol and hero? Well, it was Hercules, the famed Greek warrior. He hero worshiped Hercules for the latter’s sheer courageous nature. He was so influenced by this Greek warrior that he addressed himself as the Son of Zeus like Hercules. Alexander believed that his paternal side was Hercules’s descendant and firmly stood to that belief all his life.

14. The body of Alexander The Great was kept in a gold casket

Alexander The Great

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As was a norm in those ancient times, the bodies of great men and warriors were kept in sarcophaguses. Similarly, Alexander’s body too was kept in a sarcophagus, embalmed with honey. It was then kept inside a casket made of gold. In most regions like Babylon, it was a common custom for keeping dead bodies of famous men in wax or honey caskets, and this has therefore resulted in drawing a conclusion that this warrior’s dead body too may have faced the same rituals.

15. Alexander The Great adopted the Persian fashion soon after invading Persia

Alexander The Great

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Though, Alexander was a Macedonian by birth, he adopted Persia’s etiquette of dressing and manners after he invaded it. During his conquest of Persia, he appointed many Persian soldiers to fight in his army and therefore he attired himself in Persian clothing so as to make the soldiers feel at home. He started addressing himself as ‘King of Kings’, a Persian title. Alexander also started following the traditions of Sajda.

These facts about Alexander The Great will broaden your knowledge and help you understand this great conqueror even better!