15 Interesting Facts About Alexander The Great

6. Alexander The Great named the cities conquered after himself

Alexander The Great

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20 cities were named after Alexander which he conquered out of almost 70. He named all of these after himself. The best example is of a place in Egypt called Alexandria. We address him as the greatest conqueror as he went on an expedition, rampaging different regions, beginning from Mediterranean and ending with the Asian subcontinent. He can be credited with discovering unknown cities in different parts of the world in his 15 years of conquests. Another city that he named in one of the most decisive battles in India was Bucephala. It was named after his much loved horse Bucephalus who was killed in the battle.

7. Bucephalus was Alexander The Great’s royal steed and his companion in all the battles

Alexander The Great

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One of the most famed steed of royal lineage, Bucephalus was the general’s most loved horse that accompanied him in all wars that he fought till he died at the last battle during the conquest of India. Bucephalus was bought by King Philip after sending a huge chunk of fortune and was a very vicious horse, untameable by anyone. It was Alexander’s command that made the horse obey him to the last day of his life.

8. Alexander The Great and the untying of Gordian Knot

Alexander The Great

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There are many facts about Alexander The Great that confirm that the general was born with an amazing intellect, courage and will power, unparalleled by anyone in history. The untying of Gordian Knot was a remarkable feat achieved by Alexander who was able to open it up and went on to become an undisputed man to open this famed knot. In one of his campaigns related to conquest of Asia, Alexander came across this famed knot and decided to untie it amidst a vast crowd of public. He used his sword to untie the knot and became the first warrior ever to do so.

9. Alexander the Great married three women

Alexander The Great

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The general married two times for reasons pertaining to love and political gains. He fell in love with a nobleman’s daughter called Roxana, one of the most beautiful women in Asia, and thereafter he married two Persian princesses for political purpose. His love for Roxana was deep and they got married in a traditional ceremony. Thereafter Alexander took his wife in his campaigns of India when the couple was blessed with a child. However, the child was born after Alexander’s death.

10. Alexander the Great was affected with heterochromia iridum

Alexander The Great

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Among the many facts about Alexander The Great, the truth about him being affected with an eye disorder has been corroborated by many historians. This disorder of the eye is called heterochromia iridum which causes two eye colors to be of different shades. Alexander’s one eye was blue while his other eye was brown. This may startle a few of us, but the fact is to be believed.