13 Things You Don’t Know About Eva Braun

8. She shot herself in the chest

Eva Braun Facts

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Prior to overdosing her with medicines, Eva had attempted another suicide in the year 1932. She shot herself in the chest with her father’s pistol and insisted on Hitler’s doctor treating her. Many believe that she did all this to win her man’s attention, and the plan did work! Hitler was by her side in no time.

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9. Eva profited greatly from the Nazi propaganda

Eva Braun Facts

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Eva might be a little dumb when it came to politics and academics, but she sure was a good photographer. She made very good money for clicking intimate pictures of Adolf Hitler and selling it to Hoffman. In fact, she also made quite a few home movies as well which were sold at 20,000 marks, each movie.

10. Eva tried to project Hitler as a loving and caring man

Eva Braun

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As mentioned above, she got a job in a photography studio, and that was because she was quite the shutterbug. She loved taking pictures of Adolf Hitler! In her pictures, she portrayed him as a loving and caring man, which really helped in the Nazi propaganda. Many believe that these staged pictures were used to create a false image of Hitler.

11. Eva was a loyalist who was eventually rewarded

Eva Braun

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Come to think of it, Eva was not a much-respected character in history. She was usually referred to as Hitler’s mistress and was practically written off by all politicians, in terms of having an impact on Hitler’s political life. However, she bore all the tags, labels, and baggage for love. She truly loved Hitler and was indeed a loyalist to have tagged along with him. Later she was rewarded for her loyalty by becoming Mrs. Adolf Hitler.

12. It was Eva who triggered Hitler to commit suicide

Eva Braun

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Hitler was undergoing a strong paranoia during the last days of the war. It was Eva who fed to him; she was adamant that Hitler killed himself and died a hero’s death rather than letting the adversary deciding his fate and be at their mercy. She was adamant, that Hitler kill himself in that bunker and she wanted to die with him.

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13. Eva was only 33 years old when she died

Eva Braun

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Eva Braun was a woman who was crazily and madly in love. She was so smitten by Hitler that she even died with him. In fact, Hitler got her brother-in-law killed a few hours before their marriage, and she had no objections to it. The couple got married on the 29th of April, and the two died on the 30th of April. At last Eva was Hitler’s wife even if it was for less than 40 hours. The woman was just 33-years-old when she decided on putting an end to her life along with Hitler.

At the end of the day, Eva Braun was just another woman who had fallen hook, line and sinker in love with a man who did not give her the position she deserved, until the last hours of her life. She was a little eccentric, but that was perhaps because she was madly in love with someone!

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