13 Interesting Facts about Annie Oakley

11. Her name became an idiom

Annie Oakley

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You know you are famous when your name is used as idiomatic expressions. The name Annie Oakley acquired a new meaning of getting a free ticket to an event because of the Ohio girl’s shooting prowess. She could shoot through tiny holes while performing for the Buffalo Bill Wild West show. Annie could also shoot objects flung in the air, like cards, balls and glass bulbs. She made a target out of anything, including a cigar that hung from her husband’s mouth. Free tickets to theatrical shows had punched holes in them so that they couldn’t be sold to another person. These tickets were known as “Annie Oakleys”.

12. Gave everything to charity

Annie Oakley facts

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Annie Oakley had started writing her autobiography. After her death, the unfinished manuscript was given to American actor and stage comedian Fred Stone to complete. It was then discovered that Annie had left her entire money and fortune to charities. A huge collection of Annie’s performance memorabilia and personal possessions like rifles and other firearms are permanently displayed at The National Annie Oakley Center (NAOC), Greenville, and the Garst Museum. The NAOC Foundation is engaged in preserving, expanding, and sharing exhibits related to the master huntress.

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13. Legacy

Annie Oakley

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Annie Oakley is much revered in the American society and other parts of the world. She has since been inducted into Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame, the Trapshooting Hall of Fame, and the National Women’s Hall of Fame, among others.

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