15 Interesting Anne Frank Facts That You Should Know

11. The diary of a young girl has been published in 67 languages

Anne Frank Diary

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The book or diary that Anne Frank wrote went on to be published in 67 different languages. However, the first book – The Secret Annex was published on 25 June 1947, two years after the death of Anne Frank. In the diary, Anne had written letters in a period spanning three years, from 1942 till 1944. Otto Frank got the book published and made Anne a writer that she always wanted to become. The book has become the source of inspiration for a number of popular movies and plays.

12. Certain parts of the diary were deliberately removed because Anne talked about her genitalia

Anne Frank Diary

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Its quite a shock when you hear that some people have called Anne Frank’s book pornographic simply because the little girl had wrote a few of her feelings and thoughts about her intimate part. There was a controversy regarding the same with a few portions of this book removed for its adult content. But, in reality, there wasn’t anything repulsive that Anne wrote. Rather, the things that she wrote about her clitoris and vagina were something that every growing girl thinks or speaks about. We would want our readers to know what Anne wrote in her diary. Here it is –

“There are little folds of skin all over the place, you can hardly find it. The little hole underneath is so terribly small that I simply can’t imagine how a man can get in there, let alone how a whole baby can get out.”

There was once an incidence of vandalism reported in Tokyo where a man destroyed almost 300 copies of the diary housed in various libraries in Tokyo.

13. The fact about Miep Gies and Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank Diary

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Miep Gies was Otto Frank’s Dutch employee who helped the whole family hide in the Secret Annex and looked after them. She was also the woman who had saved Anne Frank’s diary and gave it to her father Otto Frank. This woman must be applauded for her courage as she risked her life in saving this book so that it could reach the family of Franks. When the families were captured by the secret police, Gies found the diary inside the debris. Without this remarkable woman, the world wouldn’t have known this great book that chronicled the atrocities of the Nazis and the girl-Anne Frank.

14. Anne always wished to be a movie star

Anne Frank Diary

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Our little teenage girl Anne Frank always wished to become an actress. Guess how do we know about this! Well, we know this fact because there is a photograph of her in the diary and next to it is written “This is a photograph of me as I wish I looked all the time. Then I might still have a chance of getting to Hollywood. But at present, I’m afraid, I usually look quite different”. Anne Frank also wrote a story in her book titled Delusions of Stardom in which she starred as the protagonist along side the two famous Hollywood actresses namely Priscilla Lane and Rosemary Lane.

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15. Anne Frank’s mother Edith Frank died from starvation

Anne Frank Diary

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The mother of Anne Frank – Edith Frank passed away on 6th January 1945 as a result of starvation. She was only 44 years old. After arriving at the concentration camp in Auschwitz, she and her two daughters were separated from Otto Frank. In another round of selection, she was separated with her daughters. Anne and her sister Margot were transported to Bergen-Belsen. While at the camp, Edith faced terrible conditions and left eating. This led to her eventual death.

Such was this girl’s determination and courage that she became a role model for many. Had it not been for these awesome Anne Frank facts that were saved in her diary, the world today wouldn’t have got a chance to know about this terrific personality we all know as Anne Frank.

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