15 Interesting Anne Frank Facts That You Should Know

6. Anne Frank would often write to Kitty, an imaginary friend in her diary

 Anne Frank Facts

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Anne Frank often wrote to a person called Kitty in her diary and this person wasn’t a real one. She was a creation of Anne’s imagination and was her best friend in her days of confinement at the camp. There is one particular quote that Anne worte to Kitty. Here it goes-

“I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.” source-Diary of a Young Girl.

To Anne, Kitty was the only confidante with whom she could discuss any chapter of her life. She found great solace writing to Kitty.

7. The death of Anne Frank and her sister Margot in the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen

 Anne Frank Facts

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After both the sisters had endured terrible conditions at Auschwitz, they were transported to a concentration camp in Bergen-Belen in Germany. It was in 1944 that Anne and her sister Margot were sent in extreme cold conditions to this camp without their mother Edith. She was left behind and succumbed owing to starvation at Auschwitz.

On reaching Bergen-Belsen, the two sisters fell seriously ill owing to malnutrition and unhygienic conditions. They died in March 1945 because of an illness called typhus. While, Margot passed away before, Anne followed soon. Anne was only 15 years old while Margot was 19 when they died. It was utter bad luck as the concentration camp was freed soon by the British troops on 15 April, a few weeks after the death of the two sisters.

8. Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father was the sole survivor out of all those who were caught in secret annex

Anne Frank Facts

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Out of the total number of eight people captured from the Secret Annex by the Secret Police, it was only Otto Frank that survived till the very last. Once Auschwitz was liberated, he went back to Amsterdam and came to know of his wife’s death plus the death of his two daughters. There were two sisters called Brilleslijper Sisters that informed Otto about his daughters’s deaths.

9. The apartment building housing the secret annex is now Netherlands’s third most visited museum

Anne Frank Facts

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One of the most widely visited museums in Netherlands, the apartment building that housed the Secret Annex, attracts thousands of tourists each year. The building was converted into a museum to commemorate Anne Frank’s death in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Its called The Anne Frank House and comes only third to other attractions in Amsterdam that include Van Gogh museum and Rijks museum. Some main attractions include the hiding room where the entire Frank family hid, Anne’s original diary, letters, books, postcards and photographs. Visitors can also enjoy the cafe and gift shop.

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10. Otto Frank found the diary written by Anne frank that revealed a more deeper aspect of her personality

Anne Frank Diary

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The world ought to know Anne Frank facts for this girl truly inspires all! Anne Frank wrote entries of her day to day life, stories and thoughts in a diary which her father Otto Frank retrieved from a woman called Miep Gies who had saved the book for him. Otto Frank survived the Holocaust and came to know of his daughters’s deaths on 18 July 1945. He took some time before opening it, and once he stated reading it, could not stop. His little girl Anne had shared deep and personal thoughts in her diary, much to Otto Frank’s surprise. He was left in tears once he finished reading the book.

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