15 Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Abraham Lincoln

6. A gang of robbers tried stealing Lincoln’s corpse from Oak Ridge Cemetery

Abraham Lincoln

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After Lincoln’s death, his body was cremated in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. In the year 1876, a gang of grave diggers attempted to steal his body and use it for claiming a ransom of $200,000 from the government. These robbers also wanted the state to release one of the members from prison by holding Lincoln’s corpse as hostage. But luckily, the Secret Service agents got to know of this plan and made it a failure. Afterwards, the former President’s body was shifted and put in a secret place after having been encased in a steel cage.

7. Lincoln created the Secret Service a few hours before he was assassinated

Abraham Lincoln

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The famous Secret Service that we know today was created by President Lincoln just hours before he was assassinated. The Secret Service was created for protecting the Presidents of U.S and still is actively involved in its duties. Lincoln died on 15th April, 1865, but merely a few hours before, he signed the legislation which directed the formation of Secret Service. Most of you will not be aware of the fact that Secret Service was originally created to prevent currency counterfeiting that was affecting the United States. But afterwards, the aim of this agency diverted and was solely utilized to protect the future Presidents of the country.

8. Lincoln was a wrestler and earned the “Outstanding American” honor

Abraham Lincoln

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Though, its hard to believe that Lincoln was an accomplished wrestler, but the matter of the fact is ‘HE Was’. Thanks to his long limbs and good athletic built, young Abraham could easily fight off the opponents and soon became quite a famous wrestling star in the country. In a career that saw him fighting 300 matches, he never once lost. In the United States Wrestling Hall of Fame, Abraham Lincoln was awarded with “Outstanding American” Honor. In 1831, he was challenged by an equally famous wrestler named Jack Armstrong. But the latter was defeated badly by Lincoln.

9. Lincoln predicted his own death

Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln had a premonition that he would die soon, and this actually happened, say many historians. Before he was assassinated by Wilkes Booth in Ford’s Theater, Lincoln dreamed one day in which he saw his own corpse that was surrounded by people who had gathered in the White House. In his dream, people had gathered to mourn his death that was caused by assassination.

10. Two assassination attempts were made out of which Lincoln couldn’t survive the second attempt

Abraham Lincoln

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There are many books that have offered information about Abraham Lincoln relating to his assassination, but do you know that he survived the first attempt that was made to kill him? Well, there was one attempt to kill Lincoln during his Whistle Stop Tour. This was in the year 1861, four years earlier than his actual date of assassination. The first assassination bid was unfoiled by his guards, though, he couldn’t survive the second attempt five years later. The person who saved the president was Allan Pinkerton.

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