15 Little Known Facts About Socrates

11. Socrates never wrote any of his philosophies himself

Socrates Beliefs

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Another little known fact is that Socrates’s philosophy wasn’t written by the master philosopher. Socrates was so busy propagating his philosophies and thoughts to the masses that he rarely got the time to think of writing his own books. Whatever information we have of him was written and maintained by his disciples like Plato, and Aristophanes. Socrates believed in spreading goodness among people and spoke about self knowledge and justice. He had a problem with Sophists and disregarded the importance of money and power in life. Xenophon too wrote many things about his tutor.

12. Socrates was called the ‘gladfly of Athens’

Socrates Beliefs

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A glad fly is an insect that irritates horses and because Socrates irritated and annoyed a few section of people in Athens, he was soon given the name – glad fly of Athens. He had a habit of questioning the usual Athenian norms and laws and would often be seen ‘brainwashing the youth’ of the society against the beliefs that most Athenians had in the system.

13. Socrates taught without the restrictions of a classroom

Socrates Beliefs

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The Socrates way of teaching was not restricted to the boundaries of a classroom. The philosopher would give his lectures outside his classroom, in the middle of market places or at city squares. Socrates was in constant search of inner knowledge and went around the city of Athens propagating his own beliefs.

He would engage his students in a question and answer session that often included dialogues. He would keep asking questions and for every answer, would pose another question. His discussion would continue for several hours. His form of teaching gave rise to modern day debating.

14. Socrates was killed by Hemlock poisoning

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Socrates drank the poison of Hemlock with his own dear hands and died at the age of 70. The most important event of 399 BC was the killing of the worlds’ most brilliant philosopher. After Socrates was put on trial, he was sentenced to death by hemlock poisoning, considered one of the most lethal of all poisons. The sentence was to be carried out on one condition that Socrates would drink the poison himself. Once the poison entered Socrates’s body, it paralyzed his legs and soon his system got affected. There are many paintings that depict his death scene where the dying philosopher is seen with a goblet of poison, surrounded by his disciples.

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15. Socrates’s method of communicating is also known as The Socrates Method

Socrates Philosophy

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The whole method of teaching imparted by this great philosopher is called The Socrates Method which involved communication via dialogues. Often, Socrates would pose a question to the other party and then a round of answering would follow. This process involved him telling people not the things that he knew. Rather, he would pose himself as an ignorant. The ultimate aim of this method was to enable people to think logically. The Socrates Method of communicating was appreciated as much as it was hated by some sects of people of Athens.

We hope that all our dear readers have had a good and interesting time learning about these little known facts about Socrates who will always be remembered as the greatest philosopher this world has ever produced. Ciao!