15 Famous Pirates in The World History That You Should Know

11. Howell Davis

Famous Pirates

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Howell Davis’s name must find mention in today’s list of most famous pirates one should know about. The pirate was born in Wales and fought quite a few battles. Davis worked as a mate in Cadogan, a slave ship. This ship was captured by Edward England who himself was a famous pirate. Soon Davis learnt the art of piracy well and worked in this field for merely 11 months. His short span as a pirate came to an end with his capture and his subsequent killing.

12. Bartholomew Roberts – Black Bart

Famous Pirates

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Black Bart as he was famously called, Bartholomew Roberts can be referred as one of the most notorious pirates in this list of famous pirate names we are showcasing. He was a courageous pirate and was fondly called ‘Pistol Proof’ by his fellow crewmen. However, this man didn’t begin his career as a hoodlum or as a pirate. Rather, he started off as an officer on a ship. When the ship was captured by Howell Davis, the latter soon got interested in piracy. Soon, Roberts gained enough knowledge and tact to became a much admired pirate among his crew. Roberts had a unique charisma in himself that saw him plunder and loot more than 400 ships in his career. He breathed his last when fighting with Captain Chaloner Ogle. He was truly a legendary pirate.

13. Black Caesar

Famous Pirates

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Black Caesar was a pirate who worked along side Captain Blackbeard as one of his chief lieutenants on his ship. But Cesar was not a born pirate, rather he was born a slave and worked as one for a decade. He joined the crew in plundering ships sailing the Florid Keys archipelago. After he joined Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship captained by Blackbeard, Caesar went on to ravage many ships and killed mercilessly. He was killed by Lieutenant Robert Maynard. The site where he worked from is called Caesar’s Rock.

14. Thomas Tew

Famous Pirates

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Thomas Tew was one of the most feared pirates that plundered ships sailing the Red Sea. The name of this pirate sent down shivers across crew of various ships that sailed the sea in the 17th century as he was known to be ruthless, ill tempered and downright wicked. His infamy forced King William III to call him a wicked man. He began his career not on his own terms but on the orders given by the Governor of Bermuda. The order given was to attack ships owned by the French, sailing through the African Coast. However, he was killed due to a grievous injury received when he attacked an Indian ship sailing through Madagascar.

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15. Sir Francis Drake

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A former Knight, Francis Drake was a renowned and respected politician in the court of Queen Elizabeth. Once he had successfully completed his journey that involved taking an expedition through South America and explored the uncharted territories, he returned to the court and was bestowed with this honor. He successfully carried attacks on one of Puerto Rico’s largest ports called San Juan. Drake will always be remembered as one among the most celebrated pirates in this list of 15 famous pirates in the world history.

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