15 Famous Pirates in The World History That You Should Know

6. Anne Bonny

Pirate Names List

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Next in this famous pirate names list comes the name of Anne Bonny. She was one of the most famous female pirates who teamed up with many other notoriously known pirates like Calico Jack. Bonny married a sailor named James Bonny. But, she soon joined the crew of Calico Jack as a male pirate and lived with them. She sailed and joined in plundering of wealthy coastal villages along with her crew.

7. Henry Avery

Pirate Names List

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Sailing the waters of the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans, the English pirate named Henry Avery was known by several names. He was known sometimes as John Avery, and at other times as Henry Bridgeman. But to his fellow brethren, he was their Long Ben. Avery operated the high seas in the 1690’s and was called ‘The King of Pirates”. He is regarded as one of the most infamous pirates of all times who escaped getting killed. He retired from piracy without getting murdered or arrested by the law. The best part was that he enjoyed his wealth to the maximum after he retired.

8. Calico Jack

Pirate Names List

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Want to learn more about world’s most famous pirates? If yes, we have to mention the name of Calico Jack now. He was a sadist who loved to kill his opponents. He rose to infamy with the capture of the largest ship belonging to the Spanish. It was a war ship that Jack captured while sailing the Caribbean, and in doing so, mayhemed several thousands of sailors and rivals. He had a huge crew of which Anne Bonny and Mary Read were noteworthy names. His original or maiden name was John Rackham.

9. The Barbossa Brothers

Pirate Names List

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The Barbossa Brothers were infamous Greek pirates that ruled the Aegean Sea and captured several hundred ships sailing in these waters. Their real names were Hizir and Aruj. These brothers worked together to rule a major part of the North African Sea after they murdered the Algerian Sultan. After the sultan passed away, the Barbossa Brothers took charge and constructed several fortresses. Thereafter, they carried out many major battles against the Europeans.

10. Francois l’Olonnais

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A Frenchman, Francois l’Olonnais rose to infamy as a pirate when he plundered a Venezuelan town named Maracaibo and looted money worth 200,000 Spanish Dollars. The plunder of this town is regarded as one of the most successful attacks by this pirate. He was a sadistic man who enjoyed killing his hostages and captives. Originally a plantation slave in America, Francois l’Olonnais showed the world how vicious he was every time he murdered his captives with brutality.

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