15 Famous Historical Figures We Wish Were Still Alive Today

11. Leonardo Da Vinci

Famous Historical Figures

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The creator of masterpieces like Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci can never be forgotten by anyone. Known as the most famous painter of the Renaissance times, Da Vinci contributed a lot towards other fields like mathematics. He was a master sculptor and a nature lover. Besides, the mysterious Mona Lisa, The Last Supper can be regarded as his timeless painting. This great personality was way ahead of his times as he led many new discoveries in the field of human anatomy. If Da Vinci was alive in today’s times, he could have invented so much more with our advanced technologies. It would have been a marvel to see him give lectures and share his deep knowledge with our youngsters.

12. Kurt Cobain

Famous Historical Figures

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Nirvana and the humans of the 90’s cannot be separated as it was a cult band that became synonymous with hard rock and punk. The lead singer of this band was Kurt Cobain, the man who was worshiped by millions of people all over the world. His creations include Smells Like Teen Spirits and Nevermind – cult songs that changed the very facade of music industry of modern times. Kurt, had he been alive today could have created awesome songs that could have inspired budding musicians to follow suit.

13. Plato

Famous Historical Figures

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Have you heard about Platonism? Well, you must have as its a legacy left behind by a legendary philosopher and scientist named Plato. A great thinker, Plato has inspired many personalities over centuries and we cannot ignore his contributions in the fields of science, religion and art. He can be termed as the father of Social Sciences and his theories are well known and admired by millions. In modern times, Plato could have given tremendous impetus to boosting family ties and bonds.

14. Homer

Famous Historical Figures

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Homer’s Iliad is a classic masterpiece of epic proportions and none of our literary bugs could have survived without his contributions in the fields of literature and poetry. Regarded as the first poet who created magnificent works of poems, Homer has and will always be alive in our hearts. He was the first poet in a line of several others that followed him, and wrote most incredible of poems that remain classics even today. The language used by him, though cannot be comprehended easily, but nonetheless was par excellence.

15. Galileo Galilei

Famous Historical Figures

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The Fatter of Modern Science as he is famously known, Galileo Galilei could have done so much for the scientific developments of modern times. He was fascinated with our planet and would have marveled looking at the various elements that compose mother nature. As opposite to the olden times when he was opposed by the church to lay claim that the earth revolves around the sun, the present modern times would have allowed him total freedom to do what he believed in and loved.

There are many who simply live and follow the customary norms and traditions. But, a few handful of men and women live to think differently. Such people leave footprints behind them. We salute these great historical figures mentioned above and wish they were alive today.

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