15 Famous Historical Figures We Wish Were Still Alive Today

6. Martin Luther King Jr.

Great Leaders In History

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There are many prominent and great leaders in history, but the name of Martin Luther King Jr. comes first to our minds as he was a champion spokesperson who spoke against racism and discrimination against colored people. He was fondly called MLK and was an important figure in the history of U.S. Had this man been alive today, this planet would have been a peaceful place for all races. His untimely assassination made him bid adieu to this world that could have gained tremendously with his powerful oratory. A mascot of peace, MLK will always be missed.

7. Walt Disney

Famous Historical Figures

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Walt Disney has to definitely feature in this post that’s listing the top 15 historical figures that we wish were alive today. The master creator who brought to life Disney characters on the big screen has ruled the hearts of men, women, children for over many decades. His creations like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Ariel the mermaid and rest have inspired movie makers to make animations. Walt Disney is the man who metamorphosed the entertainment industry. If Disney was alive, he could have contributed tremendously towards entertaining children with classic cartoons and characters.

8. Albert Einstein

Famous Historical Figures

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The Father of Physics as the world knows him, Albert Einstein was a German theoretical physicist. This wizard was awarded the Nobel Prize for finding the theories of relativity in 1921. With his genius mind, the present generation would have conquered newer scientific heights that seem impossible now. Thee founder of E = mc2, an equation that is synonymous with this genius has inspired mathematicians all over the world to look at maths and science from a different perspective. Besides, Einstein also showed concepts relating to light’s movement and the relationship between matter and energy.

9. John Lennon

Famous Historical Figures

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Who among you is not a Beatles fan? We guess there isn’t a single soul out there who has not grown up or has been mesmerized with their classy rock numbers. Lennon was not only a member of this famed boy band, but was also an activist who propagated peace, and non violence. Because of his rebellious nature that we can see in his writings, John Lennon grew to be an enigma. Had this musician been alive today, he would have so much to contribute to world peace. Lennon dreamed of a world devoid of wars and hatred.

10. Sir Isaac Newton

Famous Historical Figures

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Sir Issac Newton is regarded as a very prominent member among great historical figures of the world. He can be proclaimed as the Father of Science as he developed the law of gravity. If this man wouldn’t have discovered this law, we wouldn’t have succeeded in inventing many wonderful things associated with space and gravity. He brought about a scientific revolution when he published his book named Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy in 1687. He also co developed Calculus. We sincerely wish he was alive today for showing us the path for greater scientific accomplishment.

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