13 Things About Davy Crockett You Should Know

6. He is known to kill 105 bears in a year

Davy Crockett

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According to Davy Crockett Biography, he has an expert marksman and he along with his helper dogs killed 105 bears in a mere stretch of 7 months during the period 1825 to 1826. During those times, bear pelts and flesh garnered a huge sum of profit. Even the oils extracted of their fats were profitable items and so he managed to make good earning out of these. In fact, Crockett’s family also had to rely on ursid meat during the chilly winter months.

7. His career with the Congress was troubled

Davy Crockett

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After serving the Tennessee legislature, in the year 1826, he was elected in the U.S. House of Representatives. He largely advocated the poor and his unpretentious persona made him quite famous among the masses. On the other hand, his straightforward attitude, sharp tongue and his popularity among the common people earned him a lot of political enemies as well. In 1830, he alienated most of his constituents by his opposition President Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act. His rivalry with Jackson eventually played a major part in his defeat in the final elections in the year 1835. It is also said that while he was in Congress for 6 years he failed to get even one bill passed.

8. Crockett became an overnight celebrity owing to a successful play

Davy Crockett biography

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Crockett kept running for Congress in 1827, winning the privilege to speak to western Tennessee. After four years, another show titled The Lion of the West wowed New York theater-lovers. The hit story spun around an imaginary Kentucky congressman called Colonel Nimrod Wildfire. His folksy character was based on David Crockett. A little while later, the general population became inquisitive about this interesting character. Thus, in 1833, non authorized biography of Crockett was published which became a huge hit and he earned fame as a celebrity among the masses.

9. He was presented with rifles as political gifts

Davy Crockett biography

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Throughout his life, he used a lot of rifles; “Betsy” was one of the most noteworthy firearms he had. Somewhere in the middle of his career in the State Assembly, he got “Old Betsy”, which was a .40-gauge flintlock gifted by his Lawrence province constituents in 1822. In the 1830s, he was also gifted with a flawless silver and gold covered firearm by the Whig Society of Philadelphia. It was called “Extravagant Betsy”.

In case you’re interested to know about the enigmatic woman after whom these guns got their name then it was either his sister or his wife called Elizabeth Patton.

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10. The story behind Davy Crockett Hat

Davy Crockett hat

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Walt Disney’s TV show based on Davy Crockett gave rise to a nationwide coonskin hat craze during the 1950s. The title role played by Fess Parker became a favorite among viewers especially children. He was always seen wearing a rustic hat and while the show was at its peak popularity, almost 5000 replicas of that hat were sold daily. And according to historians, Davy Crockett did used to wear that kind of coonskin hat sometimes.