15 Things You Should Know About Hiroshima And Nagasaki

6. A few people like Tsutomu Yamaguchi survived both the bombings

Bomb On Hiroshima

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Among the most interesting Nagasaki and Hiroshima facts is the one about some people that managed to save themselves in both the nuclear bombings. Among such few people, the man named Tsutomu Yamaguchi has perhaps featured in many magazines and newspapers. He is officially addressed by everyone as the man that survived both the horrific bombings. Yamaguchi was lucky enough not to get killed despite being merely 3 kilometers away from the bombing site. After getting treated for his burns at Hiroshima, he survived yet another bombing at Nagasaki. The best part was that his family too survived both the bombings.

7. The Oleander Flower bloomed after the horrific atomic bombing

Bomb On Hiroshima

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The two atomic bombs that exploded left vast devastation and chaos all around. Thousands of people suffered horrible deaths and those who were left to survive, continued living a life that was full of pain and misery. However, the only one positive thing to remain alive after these nuclear bombings was a bloomed Oleander Flower. Yes, despite the radioactive heat and pollution, this flower was the first to bloom in the cities, making it the official flower of Hiroshima.

8. Practice bombs called Pumpkin Bombs were used before actual bombing

Bomb On Hiroshima

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Pumpkin Bombs were dropped by the U.S on these cities as a test practice. This resulted in deaths of 400 people while 1200 were severely injured. In all, there were 49 practice or pumpkin bombs that were dropped. These bombs were created by a company called Manhattan Project and was sold to the U.S defense forces to fight Japan in the second World War. These bombs had similar features like that of the Fat Man but weren’t nuclear.

9. The U.S used 141 pounds of Uranium to make Little Boy Bomb

Bomb On Hiroshima

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Hiroshima was destroyed by the U.S by dropping an A-bomb called Little Boy that was made using 141 pounds of Uranium. Can you believe that this amount used covered almost all the Uranium reserves that were existing on the surface of the earth during World War II? Little Boy caused massive destruction in the city with only 2% of uranium having being utilized. The remaining percent simply evaporated when the bomb went off.

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10. The Vault of a bank survived the bombing of Hiroshima

Bomb On Hiroshima

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It was not only the Maidenhair Tree that survived the explosions, the vault of Teikoku Bank in Hiroshima too withstood the high radioactive intensity and heat. After the bank was rebuilt from scratch, the bank’s manager wrote a letter congratulating Mosler, the maker of the vault. This company built these vaults and safes and after this episode, it went on to make lots of money by selling the tagline that its vault had survived the explosions. In the bombing, only the outer structure of the bank remained along with the Mosler vault. The staff comprising 12 female employees perished in the fateful morning attack.

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