Key Events 2016 : Major World Events In 2016

5. Key events in May 2016

Key Events in 2016

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Look down to get an idea of the events that rocked May 2016:

The first experimental penis transplant took place in U.S on May 8 on a man named Thomas Manning. He became the first man to receive this transplant that took place in the Massachusetts General Hospital.

The Boko Haram kidnapped two Nigerian school girls who were found after two years. This terrorist group kidnapped almost 280 school girls in April 2014 to be used as sex slaves.

The Iraqi army in hands with United States Air Protection launched strikes against ISIS in Falluja.

An announcement was made by NASA about 12 new planets on May 10. This discovery was made by using Kepler telescope. These planets are believed to have water and are rocky.

ISIS took the responsibility for the Baghdad attacks that killed 80 people. A total of three bombs claimed the lives of scores of innocent people when these exploded on May 11 2016, at different locations.

A Canadian oil town called Fort McMurray was hit by wildfire in which 88,000 people were evacuated to safety.

6. Key events in June 2016

2016 Events Calendar

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In June a number of interesting events took place to have consequences on the social and economic circles of the world. Here is a collection of some of the most important and not to be missed events that marked the month of June. Do read.

In the Peruvian Presidential Election, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski won against Keiko Fujimori. The newly elected Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was Peru’s former Prime Minister.

On June 8 Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova got a two year suspension by International Tennis Federation for testing positive for a banned drug called Meldonium.

June 13 will be remembered for yet another terror attack on France. The attack was carried out by Larossi Abballa who was killed. ISIS took the responsibility.

On June 18 Falluja became free from the rule of ISIS. The militant group had attacked the city and took over its reigns. As of now, security forces are still in the process of screening the city of militant members.

U.K was out in the Brexit Voting results. United Kingdom was selected to be out of European Union and this will have a far reaching consequence on the economy of the world in the future. The Prime Minister David Cameron resigned.

The CDA on June 16 announced that the Zika Virus infected hundreds of pregnant women. The vaccine for treating it is still in the process of getting tested.

7. Key events in July 2016

Key Events in 2016

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Here are the top key events in July 2016 that had far reaching consequences on the world.

Elie Wiesel, the famous author and Holocaust survivor died at age 87 on July 2. He was a Nobel Prize winner and died at his home in Manhattan.

Pokémon Go was released by Nintendo on July 6 and the world went berserk. The game was launched for devices with IOS and Android. Its a virtual game that was launched in three countries.

France was defeated by Portugal in the Soccer European championship held on July 10 at Stade de France. Cristiano Ronaldo went out of the game following an injury.

In a fatal shooting by two white police officers at Baton Rouge a black man was shot and killed, infuriating the black community.

July 25 was a memorable month as Yahoo was sold to Verizon Wireless at a staggering $4.8 billion.

The spacecraft called Juno of NASA started its visit to Jupiter.

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8. Key events in August 2016

Key Events in 2016

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Here are some of the most important events that took place in August 2016.

The scientists at IBM created artificial neuron on August 3. The team was headed by Dr. Eleftheriou.

Global warming led to an outbreak of Anthrax in Yamalo-Nenets, Siberia. This outbreak killed one, infecting 8. 2300 reindeers were also killed.

After 16 years of hunger strike, Irom Sharmila, a human rights campaigner from India ended her fast by tasting honey.

The burkini swimsuit was banned in Cannes. It became the first French resort to ban the burkini.

Rio de Janeiro hosted the Summer Olympics.

A suicide bomber striked at a hospital in Quetta in Pakistan on August 8. It killed 74 people and Jamaat-ul-Ahrar took the responsibility.

ISIS announced the death of Mohammad al-Adnani, the Second-in-Command on August 31. The event was regarded as one of the highest profile killing of a member of ISIS.

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