13 Biggest Key Events of 2nd Punic War

11. Siege of Saguntum

2nd Punic War

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Another big event of this war was the siege of Saguntum in 219 BC. Hannibal’s Carthaginian army took over the reigns of Saguntum that was a Roman ally. This further deteriorated the situation between the two opponents and this led to the second war. However, this offered an impetus to Hannibal and his troops and motivated them to march ahead with full confidence.

12. Battle of Ebro River

Battle of Ebro River

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This event that took place at Ebro River’s mouth was considered to be a victorious one for the Romans. Both the fronts came together to fight off each other, with Romans possessing a fleet of 55, and the Carthaginians having a mere 40. The Carthaginian fleet comprised of Greek galleys called quinqueremes who fought under Himilco, while the Romans fought under the command of general Scipio. The naval battle proved to be disastrous for Carthage and paved another way for domination by the Romans in the Mediterranean region. The battle was fought in 217 BC.

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13. Battle of Cissna

Second Punic War

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The Battle of Cissna was fought between the Carthaginians and the Romans. It was in 218 BC that General Scipio of the Roman army arrived at the northern part of the River Ebro, leading almost 22,000 men to fight off the 10,000 of those belonging to the opponent. Scipio undertook this mission so as to prevent Hannibal from getting additional help from the other side of Alps. In this battle, Romans emerged victorious and Hannibal lost a great deal of his men. This can be termed as another biggest and memorable event of the 2nd Punic War.

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