Top 15 Famous Ancient Greek Sculptures

11. The sculpture of Winged Victory of Samothrace

Ancient Greek Architecture

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Depicting Goddess Nike, the beautiful sculpture of Winged Victory of Samothrace was crafted in 3rd century BC. The sculpture was created out of marble and is monumental in appearance. The way the artist crafted out its wings and the female form is worth appreciating. This is one of the reasons why this sculpture is regarded as one of the most opulent pieces of Greek architecture and art. Each crease and fragment of the clothing is depicted naturally. It is displayed at the Louvre in Paris.

12. The sculpture of Alexander the Great

Ancient Greek Architecture

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One among the most celebrated ancient Greek sculptures is that of Alexander The Great. This sculpture was made out of bronze and dates back to 3rd century BC. This statue shows Alexander in his youth and appears handsome and very intriguing. It belongs to the period known as Hellenistic period and was originally crafted to depict the general riding a horse. Though, the horse is no longer in existence, it is only the body of the conqueror who is depicted as though he is holding a spear, a weapon used in the battlefield.

13. The sculpture of Charioteer of Delphi

Ancient Greek Sculptures

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One of the best preserved sculptures of ancient Greece is that of the statue of Charioteer of Delphi, also known as Heniokhos. Despite the disaster that destroyed much of ancient Greece, this statue, made of bronze has survived to impress all of us. The statue shows an ancient chariot rider concentrating at riding his chariot with a focused stance. It shows an authentic depiction of a human body with full detailing as regards to his clothing and head gear. It was found in Delphi from the Sanctuary of Apollo.

14. The sculpture of Aphrodite de Milos

Ancient Greek Sculptures

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This statue of Aphrodite de Milos will definitely go down as the best work of ancient Greeks as it shows the female body in its true form. Standing at 6 and a half feet, the statue is missing on two limbs, though, the lower part of her body is intact. Created out of marble, the statute of the Goddess Aphrodite mesmerizes onlookers with its ethereal charm. Alexander of Antioch is the artist who created this magnificent sculpture dating back to 130 BC. Displayed at the Louvre in Paris, the statue was discovered in the city of Milos.

15. The sculptures of Biton and Kleobis

Ancient Greek Art

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These statues were crafted in the archaic times by the famous sculptor named Polymides. These were made in 580 BC and were erected at Delphi to worship the two brothers namely Biton and Kleobis. These were discovered at Delphi and had inscriptions written on the base. The brothers are shown wearing no clothing and one of them has a missing limb. By these inscriptions it was found out that the real creator was Polymides. The statues are built in a muscular form with their fists closed and legs shown as if they are stepping forward. They too feature the typical smile commonly associated with archaic and ancient Greek sculptures.

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