Top 15 Famous Ancient Greek Sculptures

6. The sculpture of Trojan Horse

Ancient Greek art

Image Credit: gtp

If you are an art connoisseur, you must visit the Archaeological Museum of Olympia to see this magnificent piece of ancient Greek architecture. The Trojan Horse is a much loved Greek mythological character and has encapsulated readers with its many fables and stories. Made of marble, the Trojan Horse statue was made in 470 BC and was mentioned in Iliad by Homer.

7. The sculpture of The Marathon Youth

Ancient Greek Architecture

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The sculpture of ‘The Marathon Youth’ is one of the finest pieces of Ancient Greek Sculptures, dating back to 400 BC. It was created by Greece’s most famous sculptor named Praxiteles who sculpted it using bronze. Bronze was a regularly used material in the archaic times and most Greek workshops utilized this metal to carve some amazing looking statues. The sculpture is of a young man who may have been a participant in the marathon. The facial detailing is exemplary, though, one of the hands is missing.

8. The sculpture of The Discus Thrower of Myron

Ancient Greek Architecture

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Ancient Greek art has to be applauded for its unique physical detailing and minute facial expressions. One of the best known sculptures is that of The Discus Thrower of Myron. Carved out of alabaster stone, The Discus Thrower was originally displayed at the entrance of a famous stadium in Athens. It was called Panathinaikon, the site where world’s first Olympic Games were organized way back in 1896. We can now see this statue in marble. The original one was destroyed during Greece’s earthquake.

9. The sculpture of Venus Braschi

Ancient Greek Architecture

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Considered to be Praxiteles’s most unique sculpture, the sculpture of Venus Braschi is an epitome of womanly beauty and grace. This statue is also popularly referred to as ‘Aphrodite of Knidos’ and is depicted very graciously, showing Venus covering her modesty with her hand. This is one among the many group of similar statues that all depict the goddess in various forms.

10. The ancient Greek Bronze Sculpture

Ancient Greek Architecture

Image Credit: tumblr

Ancient Greek architecture excelled at utilizing the nude male and female body in glorious forms. Apart from terracotta and marble, bronze was another metal used for carving great sculptures by artists. This particular bronze statue hasn’t been given any name as not one person is sure as to whom it portrays or depicts. It was crafted in 460 BC and is believed that it shows either Zeus or Poseidon, the Greek Gods.

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