Top 15 Famous Ancient Greek Sculptures

The magnificent Ancient Greek sculptures are one among the numerous contributions this great race has gifted to mankind. Apart from being great warriors, philosophers, scientists, and poets, the ancient Greeks were master artists and painters too. Greek sculptures represent great works of artistry and make everyone swell with wonder as to how ancient artists could imagine crafting such wonderful masterpieces that captured every aspect of human body so beautifully? From stone, bronze to terracotta, Greek sculptors produced masterpieces that we will discuss about in detail below.

1. The sculptures of Lacoon and His Sons

Ancient Greek Art

Image Credit: wikimedia

Ancient Greek art cannot be fathomed unless we mention about the famous sculpture of Lacoon and his sons. This sculpture is one of the most popular Greek statues, famously known as the Lacoon Group. It was crafted out of marble and shows a priest of Trojan origin along with his sons. The names of the sons are respectively Thymbraeus and Antiphantes. The sculpture shows Lacoon and his sons fighting off sea serpents. It was made by great and talented sculptors belonging to the Rhodes Island.

2. The sculpture of Diadoumenos

Ancient Greek Art

Image Credit: metmuseum

Created magnificently by a famous Greek sculptor from Argos, Polykleitos, this statue of Diadoumenos is one of the greatest works dating back to the ancient times. The sculpture shows a victorious young man tying around his head, a fillet that was usually worn by the winner of an athletic competition. This sculpture was found from the island of Delos and dates back to as early as first century AD. The figure engulfs anyone that has a keen sense of human form. The proportionate nude body of this male along with a unique stance makes the viewers fall in love with the Greeks’s sense of artistry.

3. The sculpture of Colossus of Rhodes

Ancient Greek Sculptures

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This sculpture no doubt testifies that the ancient Greeks were indeed master craftsmen and artists. Colossus of Rhodes is regarded as one among the seven wonders of the ancient world that could have become a huge masterpiece in modern times had it survived a massive earthquake that destroyed Rhodes in 226 BC. The statue shows the ancient Greek Titan Helios holding a flame, and standing with his legs apart along two fortified walls. This sculpture of Helios was considered to be the tallest in Greece and was built by Chares of Lindos. It was crafted to commemorate the victory of the King of Cyprus-Antigonus I Monophthalmus in 2nd century.

4. The sculpture of Zeus and Ganymede

Ancient Greek Architecture

Image Credit: wikimedia

Ancient Greek sculptures mainly depicted gods and warriors in nude forms as this was the tradition in those times. This terracotta sculpture, unlike other ancient Greek statues, appears to be much smaller in size and dates back to 470 BC. It is believed that it was made during the period of a great transition from the archaic age to the classical era. The sculpture depicts Zeus holding a young boy named Ganymede tightly. Ganymede’s lower part of the shoulder is broken. The god is shown holding a walking stick in his left arm while his right arm clutches the boy.

5. The sculpture of Hermes

Ancient Greek Architecture

Image Credit: ancientrome

Created by the master artist Pyosippos, the sculpture of Hermes dates back to 200 BC. The statue is bestowed with an exemplary facial expression and flawlessly depicts human body. Made of grain marble, the statue depicts a male figurine in nude, wearing nothing except a chlamys thrown casually over the shoulder and wrapped around his forearm in the left. The minute detailing that went into crafting this figurine makes you sigh with disbelief. It is now housed at Athens’s National Archaeological Museum.

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