Top 15 Ancient Greek Inventions That Are Still Used Today

11. Democracy

What did the Greeks Invent

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It was on the soil of Athens that the modern day concept of democracy took birth. It was in 500 BCE that Greeks developed democracy for the betterment of the society. Till to this day, many nations around the globe have a democratic government that believes in equal rights for all humans. Not only did the ancient Greeks invented democracy, they also practiced it along with a properly written constitution.

12. Modern science discoveries

Greek Inventions

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Greek inventions were not only restricted to art, music and theater but also extended to modern fields of science. While the ancient world was gripped by belief in superstitions and myths, it were the Greek scientists that took baby steps to break many a stereotypes till they reached the heights. Be it astronomy, physics, or mathematics, Greeks broke all records. From Aristotle’s ideas about the shape of Earth, to Theophrastus’s findings in botany, Greeks were masterminds behind fabulous scientific discoveries.

13. The concept of Vending Machines

Ancient Greek Inventions

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Vending machines are not a new age invention. It was the Greek civilization that discovered this concept with the invention of a water dispenser operated using coins. This dispenser allowed people to quench their thirst only by dropping a coin into it. Once the coin had been dropped, the dispenser’s valve would open to allow water to gush out. The person inventing this was the famous Greek inventor named Heron of Alexandria.

14. Mathematics

Ancient Greek Inventions

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Among the most significant mathematical inventions to revolutionize modern times is the Pythagoras Theorem, founded and developed by Pythagoras. He was a famous Greek mathematician and a philosopher who brought revolutionary additions to the fields of astronomy, geometry and maths. Apart from Pythagoras, there were other mathematicians like Euclid and Thales who discovered the world’s first deductions, invented axiomatic theory and wrote the first book on geometry.

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15. Wheelbarrow

Ancient Greek Inventions

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The wheelbarrow as we see it today is not this era’s invention. It was discovered thousands of years ago by the Greeks. The modern day wheelbarrow comes with two wheels. The Greeks however, created a one wheel cart and used it for carrying loads in construction sites.

We must thank the ancient mathematicians, philosophers, musicians and scientists of Greece for gifting the modern man these great Greek inventions without which our lives wouldn’t be termed complete.

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