Top 15 Ancient Greek Inventions That Are Still Used Today

6. Music

What did the Greeks Invent

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Our lives cannot be termed complete if its devoid of music. Music plays a dominant part in our modern society, but do you all know who invented it? Well, it was the Greeks that developed music as it was considered a necessity for living a meaningful life. Ancient Greeks can be considered as the forefathers that invented instruments like the pan pipes. Pan pipes are the ancient version of the modern day flute.

7. Theater

What did the Greeks Invent

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Theater is another greatest and finest contribution of the Greeks to this world. It were the ancient Greek people that developed the concept of educating the commoners about the importance of their gods, their culture and patriotism. The practice of organizing plays received great impetus in 6 BC. The name of Thespsis has to be mentioned here as he was the forebringer of the concept of solo performance in theaters. It was in 468 B.C that a masterpiece named Odepius Rex was created by a famous Greek writer called Sophocles.

8. Odometer

Greek Inventions

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When speaking of ancient Greek inventions, the mention of odometer must find a place here. The odometer is a tool to measure distance covered by a person in transportation. Odometer was invented in 3rd century B.C by ancient Greek engineers. This invention had a direct impact on the development of roads and milestones. Even today, these tools are used widely to measure the distance covered by any mode of transportation. Th Romans made use of this tool during the later part of the Hellenistic period.

9. Alarm Clock

Greek Inventions

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The whole idea of creating an alarm clock germinated in the minds of intelligent Greeks thousands of years ago. It was Ctesibius who invented the alarm clock in 200 B.C. The clock he made came with two things, namely a pointer that pointed towards the time and a dial. The mechanism was simple wherein a time would be preset and the alarm would go off once pebbles were dropped in a gong. Plato, the famous Greek philosopher invented his own alarm clock system. He used it to wake him up in the mornings.

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10. Modern Concept of Philosophy

Modern concept of philosophy

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Had it not been for the Greek inventions, we would still be living without many a necessary tools and concepts required for a comfortable and civilized living. Belief in philosophy was non existent before the Greeks developed it. Most of the world during ancient times believed in gods, magic and superstitions. But, Greeks started the process of believing in life truths and facts that enabled man to lead a civilized way of life. With the help of their philosophical theories, people started seeing world from a factual point of view. All the theories invented by the Greeks had association with other fields like the solar system and the geography of earth.

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