Life in Ancient Greece : 15 Facts About Ancient Greek Life That Were Amazing

11. Anything for fame and glory

Ancient Greek Facts

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If you think that Greeks were epitomes of courage and bravado, and their lives were woven around learning and inventions only, then you are definitely on the wrong track. You all would be surprised to know that their lives weren’t that glorious after all! Life in ancient Greece was tough and in order to gain fame and glory, many men committed acts that were outright funny, such as Herostatus. He was an arsonist who rose to infamy when he burned down the Temple of Artemis. This temple is now considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Herostatus did all this for gaining fame and glory. After he was executed, the Greek lawmakers made it a capital offense to mention his name.

12. A weird notion about lesbians

Ancient Greek Facts

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Ancient Greeks has some pretty weird ideas about lesbians as lesbianism wasn’t much known and understood back then. The conclusion was that all lesbians were born with gigantic clitorises. It may sound funny, but there was a reason why the Greeks had this idea. In ancient Greece, people believed that no sexual relation culminated unless penetration was involved. According to them, the clitoris was the female penis and resulted in lesbianism.

13. Shoes, oh what are they?

Ancient Greek Lifestyle and Culture

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Coming next in this list of amazing ancient Greek facts is the fact that the people in ancient Greece moved barefoot. Shoes were not in use, though, some people definitely moved around wearing slippers. Even the Olympics were played without wearing shoes or clothes. The babies and children of the house moved around naked and barefoot. In fact an ancient Greek could spend his lifetime without wearing any shoes at all!

14. Red lipstick, a big no

Ancient Greek Lifestyle and Culture

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Wearing red lipstick in ancient Greece wasn’t considered very respectful. Greeks saw it as a color loved by the prostitutes. So, any respectable women wasn’t allowed to wear red lipstick. Wearing this shade was considered unladylike. There was a law that all prostitutes had to wear red lipstick and a particular makeup when appearing in public so as to be differentiated from the ladies of respectable families. There was a punishment for those that did not adhere to the law.

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15. The invention of the Yo Yo

Life in Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greek leisure consisted of many sports out of which playing the Yo-Yo was very popular and loved. In fact, it were the ancient Greeks that invented this game in 500 BC. There are not many proofs of this, but, there is a vase that has a painting depicting Yo Yo being played by a young boy with the help of two discs made of terracotta and wound by twine. Yo-Yo, therefore, is not a modern invention.

Ancient Greeks were great inventors, scholars, mathematicians, architects and warriors. Their lifestyle and culture was way ahead of our times with the exception of a few weird things. We hope you have enjoyed reading our 15 most interesting facts about life in ancient Greece. Do ping back with your comments!

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