Life in Ancient Greece : 15 Facts About Ancient Greek Life That Were Amazing

6. Greeks and their love for dogs

Ancient Greek Lifestyle and Culture

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Like modern day humans, the ancient Greeks too had a fondness for dogs. Dogs were considered a very important part of the family but had to hunt for their own food. The owners believed that dogs had to fend for their own food, and were fond of three types of dog breeds like Molossian, Laconian and Cretan. These dogs were kept for hunting purposes.

7. A game play with a pig’s bladder

Ancient Greek Leisure

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As gross as it may sound, ancient Greek children played a kind of ball game with ball made out of a pig’s bladder. Life in ancient Greece had many oddities such as this one. The game called Passe Boule was very similar to the game that is played in modern times – basketball. But, unlike the balls used for basketball, the one used for Passe Boule was made out of a pig’s bladder. What the Greeks did was very simple. They cleaned the bladder and then blew it so that it would form into the shape of a ball. Playing this ball game was a part of ancient Greek leisure.

8. Eating meat was considered barbaric

Ancient Greek Facts

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This may seem a little strange but the ancient Greeks didn’t approve of eating meat. Their diet consisted of veggies, fish, and fruits that were simple to produce and barter, but as far as meat was concerned, the Greeks had a different view. Eating meat was considered barbaric and was believed that it was the food of savages and not civilized people. But, they had no qualms in eating meat that had been offered as a sacrifice to their gods.

9. Education only for the wealthy boys

Ancient Greek Facts

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It was a prerogative of the rich men to get educated in ancient Greece, and women had no place there. They were in fact barred from getting education anywhere. For men too, it was wealth that determined if they got a formal education or not. The not so wealthy men got home tutored by the members of the family. Formal education was imparted in schools where they were given tutoring by private tutors. Among the subjects taught were Rhetoric that imparted lessons in poetry and speeches. Military education was also given, specially to boys belonging to Sparta. Other subjects included maths and history.

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10. Abandonment of kids quite common

Ancient Greek Facts

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Babies born with abnormalities or deformities were often abandoned by their families in ancient Greece without much thought. All Greek children started their lives with this uncertainty. The families usually abandoned weaklings by simply leaving them unattended on the streets. The babies would often find themselves taken away by others and lived as slaves. But, in majority of cases, they perished.

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