15 Famous Greek Goddesses in Ancient Greece

11. Eurynome

List Of Greek Goddesses

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Resembling a mermaid, the Goddess Eurynome was worshiped as the main deity at a shrine constructed close to where the rivers Neda and Lymax merged. The shrine was located in Peloponnesus and the goddess was known as the daughter of ocean. According to myth, the goddess was Zeus’s third wife and bore him two girls – goddesses of beauty and grace named Charites. Legend has it that Eurynome saved and nursed God Hephaestus back to life when he was ousted from Olympus by the Goddess Hera. She gave her daughter Charis in marriage to Hephaestus.

12. Leto

List Of Greek Goddesses

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We all know that Zeus was the flamboyant and Casanova god of Olympus who flirted around rampantly with numerous Greek Goddesses. But among all his love interests, it was the Goddess Leto that he was most in love with. Worshiped as the goddess of motherhood, Leto had a serious affair with Zeus and this affected his bride Hera so much so that she took all measures to cause immense trouble for Leto who already was carrying Zeus’s progeny. Later, she became the mother of two immensely popular Greek deities – Apollo and Artemis. Leto became a powerful deity eventually when she traveled together with her divine children.

13. Nyx

Goddess Of Beauty

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The goddess of night, Nyx was another ancient Greek divine figure and was renowned for her beauty and power. She was so powerful and charismatic that even Zeus was afraid of her. In the city of Ephesus there was a temple dedicated to Goddess Artemis where Nyx’s statue was also erected. Most folklore’s represent her as a shadowy figure that would often be seen standing near the origin of creation. She was the mother to sleep and death.

14. Selene

List Of Greek Goddesses

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The daughter of the Titan Gods Hyperion and Theia, Selene was worshiped as the moon goddess and was quite a popular divine figure. Her siblings were the goddess of dawn-Eos, and the sun god-Helios. There are many myths surrounding this divinity that often depict her riding her moon chariot across the mighty heavens. While ancient Greeks worshiped her as the moon goddess, her counterpart was the goddess Luna who was worshiped by the Romans as the personification of moon. Selene had numerous love affairs with gods that include the names of Pan, Zeus and a mortal named Endymion.

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15. Asteria

List Of Greek Goddesses

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Apart from the major Olympian Greek goddesses, the ancient Greeks also worshiped Titan goddesses like Asteria. She was the personification of falling stars and was born to Titan Gods Coeus and Phoebe. Goddess Leto was her sister. Zeus tried to make Asteria his lover but the goddess took the disguise of a quail to save herself from him. In doing so, she, as a quail threw herself into the Aegean Sea. The quail island is a symbol of her and is located in Ortygia.

Greek mythology is mysterious and quite vast with riveting stories surrounding hundreds of gods and goddesses. All these goddesses were powerful embodiment’s of symbols and unique traits, and were immensely popular. Above, we have covered both the Olympian as well as the Titan Greek goddesses and we do hope you have loved reading about them.

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