15 Adorable Ancient Greek Vase Paintings You Will Love

6. Herakles and Athena Red Figure Painting

Greek Vase Patterns

Image Credit: boundless-cdn

Red figure pottery painting was also developed in Athens by Andokides around 530 BCE and was a very popular style in which the background was always painted in black while the figures bore red, matching the color of the terracotta. For painting detailed figurines and motifs, black was used using a brush. The above painting shows Herakles, the Greek hero drinking in a raised position, resting his hands on a kline. His right hand is holding the knee while on the left, he holds a kantharos, painted in black. The Goddess Athena is painted, showing her handing a half opened flower to Herakles. The details on their clothing is more elaborate and intricate.

7. Gorgons chasing Perseus painting

Greek Vase Patterns

Image Credit: thatlou

This ancient Greek vase shown in the picture was painted by the Gorgon Painter around 580 BC. The vase is a dinos and bears the scene depicting Perseus being chased by gorgons after their sister Medusa is killed by him. The style of painting adopted here is black figure style and has depictions of gorgons featuring snake heads, wings, broad heads, huge staring eyes, grinning mouths with sharp teeth and flared nostrils.

8. Achilles holding Pentheselia Vase Painting

Ancient Greek Vase

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The painting shown here is a part of an ancient Greek vase and depicts Achilles holding Pentheselia after killing her with a spear. The painting style adopted here is red figure style and shows the hero of the Trojan War and the Amazonian Queen in great detail. The figures are painted in red over a black background, and the costumes are shown intricately. The facial expression of Achilles is painted with emotions and shows him sad. At the bottom, the painter has added meander motifs as well.

9. A Greek painting of Bendis, Apollo and Hermes

Ancient Greek Vase

Image Credit: theoi

The red figure style formed an essential part of Greek pottery design. This vase painting dates back to the late classical period from 370 to 360 BC. The painting depicts Bendis, the Thracian Goddess, Apollo and Hermes in red over a black background. The goddess is seen wearing a body suit and holds a spear. The gods are shown greeting her, with nude Apollo sitting over a rock, and Hermes standing behind him, wearing just a petasos or a traveler’s cap. Apollo is depicted as if presenting a hare to the goddess.

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10. A Red Attic painting showing Hermes sitting on a rock

 Red Figure Pottery

Image Credit: beazley

This classical styled painting dates back to the mid 5th century and was painted by Phiale Painter during tough times of war and death. The painting was done over a lekythos and features matt outlines over a white-ground. The white ground is glazy and shows Hermes, the Messenger God sitting on the rocky shores of river Styx. Like always, the god is painted with his hat and cloak, holding his caduceus in his left hand and wearing no sandals. Though, the woman painted cannot be seen fully, yet we do get a glimpse of Hermes beckoning her. She is seen adjusting her crown. The painting is a fine example of skilled craftsmanship of the ancient Greeks.

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