15 Ancient Greek Philosophers and Their Contributions

11. Empedocles

Famous Greek Philosophers

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Before Socrates, the Great Philosopher, came into limelight, there existed a talented and renowned philosopher named Empedocles who created the four element theory of matter. This great man composed unique poems and writings that became an inspiration for many other well-known Greek philosophers and authors in the ancient times. According to Empedocles, matter consisted of four elements namely air, water, fire and earth and this finding led to the subsequent development of the concept of particle physics. He went on further to disapprove the theory of the presence of vacant space propagated by an equally renowned philosopher – Parmenides by claiming that there is no such thing as nothingness. The philosopher also researched a lot on the evolution of species and also regarded love and strife as forces that were the foundation factors of building the world.

12. Anaxagoras

Famous Greek Philosophers

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Anaxagoras has to be mentioned in this list of ancient Greek philosophers that contributed a lot to the development of modern world. Belonging to the ancient Greek society prior to Socrates, Anaxagoras was also a scientist and a teacher who worked for 30 years imparting lessons to his students in Athens. He based his studies on nature and propagated his beliefs and opinions publicly in Athens where the subject of philosophy gained momentum and attracted quite a lot of interest from citizens. He developed the concept of Nous, or mind that had a strong and positive influence on the universe. According to Anaxagoras, the universe was an undifferentiated mass full of chaos, the balance of which can only be maintained by nous.

13. Diogenes

Famous Greek Philosophers

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Coming up on the 13th spot in this list of famous Greek philosophers is the name of a very well renowned cynic philosopher called Diogenes of Sinope. He was a celebrated philosopher and a student of Antisthenes who studied under the tutelage of the latter and also focused all his researches on understanding ethical motive. Diogenes stayed in Athens for a major part of his life where he propagated his philosophies and beliefs. However, his writings have not survived to enable historians to get enough information on this great philosopher and his inspirational works.

14. Hermagoras of Temnos

Famous Greek Philosophers

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A great rhetorician, Hermagoras of Temnos was a famous teacher at the Rhodian School at Rome and taught rhetoric. Hermagoras devoted much of life to studying the concept of ‘inventio’ and was a great orator. He wrote many books but alas…nothing remains to be seen today as these are lost forever. He contributed a lot towards ancient journalism by devising the content into seven parts or what he called ‘seven circumstances’. These were – who, what, when, where, why, in what way and by what means. Modern day journalism can thank this great orator for giving them this division that has revolutionized education as well.

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15. Pyrrho

Ancient Greek Philosophers

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Pyrrho was an ancient Greek philosopher, who like Charmadas, was a sceptical being, the first of the kind. According to this great philosopher, human beings were incapable of knowing the truth. They were only capable of understanding the events when they happened physically. He was a firm sceptic who believed that human beings were not made to tell the truth and that education had nothing to do with this aspect. Humans, according to Pyrrho could be happy even when not educated. He never taught or tutored any famous Greek personality as he was not in favor of imparting education. Nevertheless, he founded this new school of philosophy which we now know as Pyrrhonism.

These famous Greek philosophers founded and invented many a concepts in philosophy and science by asking and probing themselves about logical answers. And in the process these men enabled us to evolve into higher beings. These ancient Greek philosophers were thinkers and seekers of truth. Hope you liked reading about these amazing personalities.

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