15 Ancient Greek Philosophers and Their Contributions

6. Zeno

Famous Greek Philosophers

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Today’s list of Greek philosophers that were highly revered in ancient times would seem incomplete if we do not mention about Zeno – a master philosopher who devoted his life to studying the numerous paradoxes about the concepts of plurality and motion. He based all his findings on logic and led onto the discovery of the concept of infinity. Many of the theories propagated by Parmenedes were further supported by Zeno.

7. Anaximander

Famous Greek Philosophers

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The creator of the world’s first image of open universe, Anaximander belonged to Miletus and was a well-known philosopher of ancient Greece. Historians believe that he was the first writer who wrote about philosophy and composed the first lines of western philosophy that have survived to see the light of modern age. This philosopher not only composed writings on philosophy but also worked on subjects like biology and geography. An avid astronomer, he openly debated against the notion of closed universe concept.

8. Thales of Miletus

Famous Greek Philosophers

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A prominent figure in the philosophical paradigm of ancient Greece, Thales of Miletus played an important part in propagating Greek philosophy in the western world. His studies became the basis for research among a host of thinkers and Meta physicists that emerged in later years. He is also called the ‘Father of Ancient Greek Philosophy’ by many historians as he was the first philosopher of his time to conduct researches and finding the basic principals of science like origination of matter. He was reputed among other contemporaries as he did not limit his studies to philosophy alone but also studied other areas like geography, maths and science. Among other new concepts developed by him, the finding of the school of natural philosophy and conclusion about water being the underlying component of the world are counted as important.

9. Carneades

Famous Greek Philosophers

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A great philosopher, Carneades was an academic skeptic who was light years ahead of other Epicurean wizards of his time. He went against all the pre-established doctrines and refused to believe in stoicism. He along with two other philosophers went to Rome to give a lecture and discuss on the uncertainty of justice. His discussion caused a lot of debate and controversy among the present politicians. Carneades works have not survived to see the light of modern day and we do get to know some bits of his exemplary works only through the accounts given by his successor named Clitomachus. He was a believer in scepticism like Plato.

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10. Democritus

Famous Greek Philosophers

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The name of Democritus is highly revered as this man – a great philosopher changed our outlook on modern science. To most historians Democritus can be addressed as the Father of Modern Science as he can be credited with ample number of breakthroughs in scientific field. He existed before the great philosopher Socrates and was a storehouse of information and knowledge on plants and herbs. Democritus excelled at acquiring knowledge about natural occurrences like weather and also had the power to forecast future happenings. A solitude seeker, this philosopher led a life devoid of any public appearances or honors.

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