15 Popular Ancient Greek Gods And Their Stories

11. Epimetheus – The God of Afterthought

 Epimetheus-The God of Afterthought

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Prometheus’s brother, Epimetheus was the Titan God of Afterthought or the God of foolishness. Between the two bothers, Epimetheus was the fool as he displayed lack of foresight when the brothers were asked to distribute traits to each living animal of the planet. Without thinking or analyzing, he assigned positive characteristics to each animal, but when the time came for the traits to be distributed to man, Epimetheus had none left in his kitty.

12. Hyperion – The God of light and watchfulness

Greek God Stories

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The God of light and watchfulness-Hyperion was a Titan, and Uranus was his father. He fathered three children namely, Helios or the sun, Selene or the moon and Eos or the dawn. He was married to Theia and was worshiped as one among the four pillars holding earth and heaven. When Uranus was castrated by Cronus, the Titan gods held him. These Titan gods were the brothers of Hyperion and were called Iapetus, Coeus and Crius.

13. Dionysus – The God of Wine, Festivity and Pleasure

Greek God Stories

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Born of the great Zeus and a mortal woman named Semele, Dionysus was the god associated with pleasure, wine and festivity. Among all the Greek Gods, he is the only one having taken birth from a mortal’s womb. Zeus assigned the duty of protecting his son Dionysus to the mountain Nynmphs against Hera. The god had a massive fan following and roamed the length and breadth of earth celebrating and enjoying life. His love for Ariadne was well known among all.

14. Astraeus – The God of dusk and winds

Greek God Stories

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Ancient Greek Gods either belonged to the Olympians or the Titans. One such god was Astraeus, the God of dusk and winds. His wife was Eos, the dawn goddess and both of them bore four Anemoi(the winds), five Astra Planets. The sons or winds were named Notus, Eurus, Boreas and Zephyrus. The astra planets were named Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mercury.

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15. Pallas – The Titan God of Warcraft

Greek Gods List

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Known and worshiped as the Titan God of Warcraft, Pallas was born to Crius and Eurybia. Styx was his wife with whom he produced Bia, Kratos, Zelus, Nike, Lacus and Scylla. In the war between the Titans and Olympians, Pallas was killed by Athena.

Every Greek God has some intriguing story behind him and all such great stories combine to make Greek mythology so interesting. If you have enjoyed reading our 15 best stories about ancient Greek Gods, do share your views.

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