15 Popular Ancient Greek Gods And Their Stories

6. Hades – The God of the Underworld

Greek Gods List

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Hades was not a cruel god like in the many stories told about him. Rather he was a god who believed in justice and was a fair decision maker. He allowed Hercules to return to the land of the living along with his three headed dog. Hades ruled the underworld and had helping gods like Aiakos, Minos and Rhadamanthys who carried out the redemption of soul’s judgement.

7. Cronos – The Ruling Titan God

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Next in this Greek Gods list comes the name of the main Titan God named Cronos. Before the Olympian Gods took over, Cronos was the ruling Titan God and was the strongest of all. As per legend, he assumed the throne of Titan gods when he castrated Uranus, his father. He swallowed his own children Poseidon, Zeus and Aphrodite. He was insecure about his children gaining more power than him. But, Zeus, fought with Cronos and banished him to the underworld.

8. Prometheus – The God of forethought

Greek Gods List

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Names of Greek Gods also bring to our minds their amazing stories. One such story is of the god of forethought-Prometheus. He was a respected Titan god who foresaw the grand defeat of titans by the Olympian Gods. So clever and intelligent was he that he saved himself from getting banished to Tartarus in the underworld when the Olympians conquered the Titans. While all other Titan gods were sent to Tartarus, Prometheus went along with the Olympian and created mankind. He was punished by Zeus as he saved mankind by stealing fire from heaven and gave it back to the humans. His punishment saw him getting chained to a rock everyday when an eagle would come and peck at his liver. Such was his agony that Hercules felt strongly to save him and eventually freed him.

9. Ares – The Violent God of War

Greek Gods List

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Among the famous ancient Greek Gods, the most violent and aggressive god was Ares. He was also regarded as the god of war who represented gore and all the negative aspects associated with a war. The god was known to be madly in love with the married Aphrodite. The goddess and Ares were involved in a love affair which led to many of the gods having disrespect for Ares. His father Zeus despised him because of his negative traits.

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10. Atlas – The Titan God of Astronomy and Navigation

Greek Gods List

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You will see statues of the God Atlas, kneeling down with his shoulders holding the sky which will make you wonder why he is depicted in such a way. Well, Atlas was worshiped as the Titan god of astronomy and navigation. In the war between the Olympians and the Titans, Atlas sided with the latter, being their leader and lost the battle. As a result he was banished by Zeus to hold the sky for eternity. The Atlas Mountains in Africa represent this god who, according to Greek mythology was transformed into stone by the dead Medusa’s eyes.

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