15 Popular Ancient Greek Gods And Their Stories

The mythological stories about ancient Greek Gods have always been a subject of fascination. We have all grown up listening to the interesting stories about Zeus, Apollo and a whole lot of other popular Greek Gods. Such is their popularity that some of these stories have been brought to the big screen by famous play writers and filmmakers.

Greek mythology consists of many a grand stories about various gods and goddesses, each of whom are supposed to be bearers of unique traits. Each deity is associated with some element from the nature and has a unique story to be told. Today, we are only covering names and stories of 15 most popular ancient Greek Gods excluding the goddesses. Wait to see if your favorite god is in the list today!

1. Apollo – The Sun God

Names of Greek Gods

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When writing about ancient gods, the names of Greek Gods always feature on the top. Apollo was the Sun God of Greeks, and was the son of Zeus. Apollo was born on Delos, an island that offered a safe haven for his mother Leto. The people of Delos took such great care of Leto and baby Apollo that she promised them that her son will always protect them and make them prosper.

2. Zeus – The God of Universe

 Names of Greek Gods

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In this Greek Gods list, the name of Zeus has to be mentioned. Zeus was the Olympian god of the entire universe and was the husband of Hera, a goddess of all gods. The most notorious thing about Zeus was his extra marital flings that resulted in him bearing hoards of children. He was the regulator of nature and controlled seasons. Known for his bad temper, Zeus had the power of hitting anyone with a thunderbolt if he was unhappy with something.

3. Poseidon – The God of the Seas

Names of Greek Gods

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Greek God stories are always intriguing to learn. One of the most interesting stories is about the god of the seas-Poseidon. When it came to choosing about which realm to rule, Poseidon chose the realm of seas. He controlled the seas with his power. His wife was Amphitrite. Poseidon was worshiped widely by most Greeks who regarded him as a supreme god, next only to Zeus. He ruled over other gods that were considered lesser like Nereied and Triton. Poseidon carried a trident that had the power to cause earthquakes. The god of seas was at some point awed by a goddess named Demeter. On her demand to create a unique animal for arousing her, Poseidon created the world’s most majestic horse.

4. Hephaestus – The God of Fire

Greek Gods List

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Ancient Greek Gods like Hephaestus have quite a few amazing stories behind them. Hephaestus-The God of Fire controlled the realms of heaven. The most fascinating story is related to his birth. While, Hesiod speaks that Hera, his mother gave birth to a limp Hephaestus and threw him from atop Mount Olympus. Another accounts describe of a brawl between Zeus and Hera during which Zeus dragged Hephaestus off the mountain cliff. On his falling on earth, the god soon transformed to become a craftsman of highest caliber. After his reinstatement in heaven, Hephaestus went on to create the armour of Achilles that he wore during the battle of Troy.

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5. Hermes – The Messenger God

Greek Gods List

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The Messenger God, Hermes was known to play tricks and pranks on other gods. Zeus was his father while Maia was his mother. He was such a naughty god that when he took birth, he, as a baby jumped out of his crib and stole the cattle of Apollo. Then he returned back to his crib, acting all innocent.

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