13 Weird Facts about Sex in Ancient Greece

11. Wandering wombs and private parts

facts about sex

Image Credit: Ancient History Encyclopedia

Greeks admired both male and female buttocks and gorgeous rear ends. One of the bizarre facts about sex was that Greeks believed women’s wombs wandered inside the body. Physicians made loud noises and applied bad smells to scare the wombs back in position. Husbands often had a dire opinion about the clitoris. But diminutive was dandy.

12. Erotic salads

facts about sex

Image Credit: Greek Reporter

Greeks believed that lettuce was an anti-aphrodisiac and withered erection. They often put their aphrodisiac faith on other vegetables. That included tubers and a remedy known as “the deadly carrot”. If salad supplies ran low, Greeks used olive oil, which was a more common helper (with or without any herbal additive) and was topically applied by female partners.

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13. Eros had a different meaning

sex in ancient Greece

Image Credit: Pinterest

“Erotic”, as the word is meant today, had a different meaning in ancient Greece. It meant an unequal relationship between a male from a higher class as the penetrator, with a socially inferior male or female as the penetrated. Greek facts about sex and eroticism not necessarily meant coitus between opposite genders.

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