13 Weird Facts about Sex in Ancient Greece

6. Masturbation

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Masturbation was a healthy and normal substitute for sexual intercourse in ancient Greece. Though common, masturbation didn’t merit much attention in literature largely because it was considered proper only for lunatics, slaves, and lower-rank people. Elite opinion considered it as a waste of semen. Playwright Aristophanes used “anaphalo” to term masturbation and used the word to describe Spartans, portrayed as “wankers” in the comedy Lysistrata. Greek philosopher Diogenes regularly masturbated in the public. But he was admonished for his act. Greeks considered masturbating in public a crime similar to eating in a public place.

7. Effeminacy

sex in ancient Greece

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Facts about sex in ancient Greece have revealed that effeminacy among men was usually considered beyond the pale i.e. “para phusin” or outside nature. It was not merely restricted to looking effeminate. Effeminacy in those times involved receptiveness and passivity. It was termed as epithumein paschein, a weakness contrary to proper sexual conduct by a Greek adult male who should actually be dominant, virile, thrusting, and penetrating. Effeminate was considered much in the light today womanish, with a visible lack of machismo.

8. Cross-dressing

sex in ancient Greece

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It had many surprising patrons. Hercules, according to Roman poet Ovid, cross-dressed sometimes with Omphale, to whom he was enslaved. Omphale was the queen of Lydia and the two indulged in cross-dressing. She dressed in lion skin and wielded his club. Another alpha-male, Achilles, too wasn’t averse to cross-dressing if it saved him from the Trojan War call. Thetis, his mother, is said to have helped her son dress as a girl and hide in the court of Lycomedes. Public cross-dressing has not been documented by Greek authors.

9. Intercourse recommended

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Greek physicians are said to have a more positive view on facts about sex than the rest of the society. They recommended intercourse to counter a broad spectrum of ailments, including indigestion, weak eyesight, depression, lower back pain, jaundice and several others. The father of western medicine, Hippocrates, states that having no holds barred intercourse could cure dysentery. Greek physicians claimed that intercourse could give relief to a man stung by a scorpion or bitten by a snake, though it may harm the partner. Sex in ancient Greece was supposed to restore sanity.

10. Curing male impotence

sex in ancient Greece

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One of the most interesting facts about sex in ancient Greece is that its medical texts provide remedies for male impotency. If you want a real big penis, soak the root of a particular plant believed to have been found in abundance in Greece, in wine for three days and then tie it around your thigh when needed. Aristotle thought size mattered but not how you would like to think. The longer the penis, the farther the semen will shoot and lesser the chance the man fathering a child.

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