13 Fabulous Ancient Greece Clothes Loved by Greeks

11. Footwear

Clothes In Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece clothes cannot be termed complete if footwear isn’t written about. Ancient Greeks wore stylish footwear, many of which were practical and comfortable. Most Greeks remained bare footed when inside their homes. In public, men and women would wear sandals made out of leather. A type of sandal that became quite popular in ancient Greece was the carbatine. It had laces to tie both the tips of the sandal. Apart from sandals, the Greeks also wore cothurnus, a type of boot.

12. Jewelry

Clothes In Ancient Greece

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Gold jewelry was in vogue in ancient Greece. The artists or craftsmen made unique and intricately designed golden jewelry like beechnut pendant, and the Herakles Knot. Greek jewelers made fashionable earrings, bracelets, armbands, pins, finger rings and hair ornaments. Pearl jewelry was very popular and so were ornaments with inlay work. Most ornaments passed on from one generation to another as family heirlooms. Greeks also offered precious jewelry to the gods but this practice soon ceased to exist with the arrival of the late Hellenistic period.

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13. Fasteners and Buttons

Clothes In Ancient Greece

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Greeks often used to wear clothing that was gathered together or secured using various kinds of fasteners and buttons. Greek clothing was not often sewn or cut which made it compulsory to use these tools. Brooches were used too. Many Greek women when wearing chitons or peplos would often pin the clothing using peronai, a type of large sized pin. This pin would be worn at the shoulder. Wealthy women would wear brooches made of gold.

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