6. Strophion

Clothes In Ancient Greece

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Strophion was worn as a belt to tuck in the chiton. Most Greek women in ancient times wore the chiton, and strophion was wrapped around the bust line over the chiton. Belts were hugely worn in ancient Greece and was very popular among womenfolk. It was also called breast band as it helped offer a support to the breasts. This piece can be termed as the ancient version of the modern day brassiere. The only difference between the two is that the strophion was fastened over the clothing unlike the bra.

7. Chiton

Ancient Greece Clothes

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A topic on ancient Greece clothes must mention a piece of clothing, very popular in ancient Greece – the chiton. Both men and women wore this garment that was used as a sleeveless shirt. The chiton became a popular piece of clothing during the Hellenistic period that lasted between 323 to 30 B.C. A chiton was a rectangular piece of cloth draped with the shoulders being pinned down with a fibulae. Strophion was belted around the breast. People wore two types of chitons namely, Ionic chiton and Doric chiton. While, the Doric type was the first to emerge in the fashion scene and was a simple version, the Ionic chiton was more stylish, made out of larger pieces of fabric. The chiton worn by priests came with sleeves.

8. Nudity

Ancient Greece Clothes

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Clothes in ancient Greece were simple and were made mostly at homes. However, ancient Greeks also encouraged nudity. Many of you will find it surprising that in many ancient festivals, it was a ritual for both men and women to go out naked. The practice was encouraged so as to make the citizens able and virtuous. The early Spartans exercised or trained in nude. The Olympics too saw nude men participating in various games.

9. Epiblema

Ancient Greece Clothes

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When mentioning about ancient Greece costumes, we must write about Epiblema, a piece of clothing worn over chitons or peplos. The epiblema can be termed as the old version of the modern day shawl and was popularly worn by women. It was draped over Doric chitons by women when outside their residences. This piece was sewn during the arrival of fall and came in a variety of colors. The Greek men also wore this shawl, specially the senators and higher ranking officials.

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10. Kid’s clothing

Clothes In Ancient Greece

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In ancient Greece, the children had no specific type of clothing to wear. Most of the times, young kids would remain nude within the confines of their homes. But outside, they would wear a diaper made out of cotton. It can also be called a loincloth. Very few evidences will show you about children getting dressed in chitons. The concept of costumes was introduced to kids once they went out for education or training.