13 Ancient Egyptian Food Facts You Should Know

11. Ancient Egyptians ate candies made of dates, honey and spices

Ancient Egyptian Food Recipes

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Can anyone guess the name of the food product that was a favorite back in those ancient times as it is today? Well, its the very popular sweet candy! Unlike the candy of today, Egyptians made candy using dates, herbs and other citrus fruits. The candy made was of hard consistence and was sweetened with honey and juice. This is because of the absence of sugar in those times. Sugar came into the kitchens of Egyptians after 2500 years. Most temples had confectioners that made candies. These were produced for offerings to gods while reserving the rest for the higher class people like nobles.

12. Fruits found a special place in an Ancient Egyptian’s meal

What did the ancient Egyptians Eat

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Ancient Egyptian food table also lists many different kinds of fruits that were eaten on a daily basis. The fertility of the lands near the Nile made it possible for framers to cultivate fruits. The most commonly grown fruits in Egypt were figs, dates and apples. Olive and pomegranate too were grown locally. Citrus fruits were grown for extracting juices and consumed in liquid form. Most tombs were filled with veggies and fruits for the deceased to enjoy in the afterlife. Coconuts too were consumed but were very expensive.

13. Herbal wines were consumed for medical purposes

What did the ancient Egyptians Eat

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It was not merely the festivities or the mealtimes when wine was consumed by ancient Egyptians. Medically also, wines were used. Herbal wines were made by adding onion, garlic, aloe, mint and cumin. These spices were added to other alcohols for treatment of various disorders. There was a typical wine jar called Amphorae that was used to store medicated wine. It was a tall jar with a narrow neck.

Though, this post on ancient Egyptian food facts is over, but, a lot of untold facts still remain to be discovered.

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