15 Interesting Facts About Great Pyramid of Giza

11. Another name of the pyramid of Giza

pyramid of giza history

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It was named ‘Ikhet’ which means glorious light in English. The Pyramid shines and reflects the light of the sun and moon supremely and therefore was given this name. The shine is reflected by the casing stones which add to its exuberance.

12. Facts about Khufu

pyramid of giza history

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Khufu was all 20 when he ascended the throne. As soon as he came to power he started building his “stairway to heaven”. Khufu was the first pharaoh to have built a pyramid in Giza. Khufu is known to be a very cruel leader of his time. He is referred to as Cheops by the Greek people. As per critics, Khufu was often regarded by the people as someone who would force his daughter to become a prostitute, if he were short on money.

13. Interiors of the pyramid

pyramid of giza history

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The temperature of the interiors of the pyramid is constantly 20 degrees Celsius, which speaks volumes about the uniformity of the structure. There is a cedar wood boat inside the structure, and it was found in a pit. The name of Khufu’s son on the boat is an indicator of the fact, that it was placed inside his grave by his successor and son, Djedefre.

14. The mysterious part

pyramid of giza history

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The most mysterious structure in the whole of the pyramid is the empty coffer which is found in the king’s chamber. Made of dark chocolate colored granite, it is said that it was bought in from America or for that matter the Atlantis. Archeologists are yet to find out the reason behind this feature.

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15. The passages depicted novel architecture

pyramid of giza facts

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It is perhaps the only pyramid in the world to have passages which go down and climb up as well. One has to walk down and then bend to reach the different places inside the structure.

The Pyramid of Giza indeed is rightly considered to be one of the most amazing ancient forms of architecture. The structure pulls in thousands of tourists from all across the globe. The design, architecture and style of building, has been marveled by engineers from across the globe and has been a source of inspiration to build other majestic concrete structures.

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