15 Interesting Facts About Great Pyramid of Giza

6. About the structure

pyramid of giza history

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The pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure are much simple as compared to the overly elaborate pyramid of Khufu. The pyramids were initially covered in limestone which was eroded over the years. There is a beautiful sphinx of height 241 feet or 73.5 meters on top of the pyramid. A sphinx is a mythological creature which is found in Egyptian, Greek and South Asian architecture of the eastern times. There is an elaborate tunnel system inside the pyramid of Giza, there are many artifacts found inside the pyramid, most of which are made of gold. These things are believed to come to use in the afterlife of the deceased person.

7. There are no writings inside the pyramid

pyramid of giza history

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Surprisingly there are no writings found inside the Pyramid of Giza unlike other pyramids. Also there are no signs of heliographic inside the structure. The mortar used in the making of this marvelous piece of architecture cannot be found to this very day, even after years of analyses this kind of mortar cannot be reproduced. It is said, that it is stronger than the stones used to build this structure and is the reason why the structure stands strong even after so many years.

8. Its construction is a result of great architectural knowledge

pyramid of giza history

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Another fun fact about the Pyramid of Giza history is that it is slightly concave on all its sides. A lot of architectural knowledge would have been required to give a slight curve to this structure. It is believed that wooden and bronze levers were used to position the blocks properly. The Egyptians are much better architects and the structure cannot be replicated even after using the most modern technology.

9. The burial ground inside the pyramid

pyramid of giza history

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There were supposed to be three burial chambers inside the pyramid of Khufu, one of the chambers was supposed to be on the bedrocks, the other one which was slightly higher belonged to the queen and the most exalted chamber belonged to the king. From the way the chambers are laid, it is quite evident that Khufu never intended his wives to be laid inside the Pyramid. In fact Khufu wanted to use that space to set up a glorious statue of him.

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10. The entrance

pyramid of giza history

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The opening of the pyramid has a swivel door. The weight of the door was supposed to be 20 tons, and surprisingly enough, it could be pushed very easily from the inside. Since the structure of the gate was such a perfect fit, it was really hard to figure out where it was from the outside, since it remained camouflaged. There are only two other pyramids apart from Khufu’s which are known to have a swivel door. Khufu’s father and grandfather’s pyramids also have swivel doors.

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