13 Amazing Facts About Egyptian Pyramids You May Not Know

11. Brains scooped with a tiny hook

Image Credit: The Huffington Post

The pharaohs were mummified and kept in tombs inside the Egyptian pyramids. And back in those days, it was a challenge to battle the decay of body parts. The lungs, intestines, stomach, and liver were cut out. Instead of an incision to remove the brain, it was scooped out in pieces by a wire hook. But that was not always the procedure. There are plenty of instances where the brain was kept intact, though it inevitably turned into mush over time.

12. Smaller buildings around the pyramids

Egyptian pyramids

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Among the important Egyptian pyramids are the numerous smaller structures that stay in the shadow of these tombs and are not widely known. The ancient Egypt pyramids were centerpieces among smaller tombs, known as the necropolis, or city of the dead. For instance, there’s a long causeway that leads to another temple from the main temple honoring the pharaoh. There were smaller buildings for the staff that maintained the pyramids and temples.

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13. Ascent to the sun

Egyptian pyramids

Image Credit: HD Wallpapers

Another important Egyptian pyramids fact is that they were built to help the dead pharaoh reach the sun god Ra. Every pharaoh was considered a living deity on earth and the pyramids were the place where the ascension took place and the king was reborn. But this doesn’t debunk all the mysteries that surround the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Whenever historians and archaeologists find no plausible reason behind a historical structure, they attribute it to religious causes.

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