15 Facts About Ancient Egyptian Gods That You should Know

6. Fact about the Cat Goddess – Bastet

Egypt Gods

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Worshiped in a woman’s form with the head of a cat or as a cat, Bestet was regarded as a goddess of pleasure. However, originally she was prayed as a lioness who had come to avenge and can be seen in many paintings in a warrior form. Her temple was located in Bubastis where it was a common practice to mummify the cats that lived in her complex. On excavations carried out by archaeologists at the temple in Bubastis, almost 300,000 mummies of cats were discovered.

7. Fact about the Supreme Sun God – Ra

Egypt Gods

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The powerful sun god Ra was ancient Egypt’s most worshiped deity and was shown as a human being, a male with a head of a hawk. On his head was a crown of sun along with a serpent. He is said to travel the underworld every night while he traversed the morning sky to illuminate the world using solar power. Most Egyptians pharaohs were rumored to be the Ra’s descendants and addressed themselves as “Sons of RA”. Many temples dedicated to Ra were constructed by kings all across the old kingdom.

8. Fact about the God of Craftsmen and Artisans – Ptah

Ancient Egyptian Gods

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There were many ancient Egyptian gods like Ptah who were considered patrons of artisans and masons. Ptah was regarded as a creator and was the protector and guide of builders. He was worshiped in human form and regarded with high respect as he created the whole universe with his pure thoughts. He is often shown with a shaved head wearing a skull cap. His body seems wrapped with a bandage. The main temple where he was worshiped is located in Memphis.

9. Fact about the God of Creation – Khepre

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The beetle god Khepre was a god of creation. He is a god that is depicted having a beetle head and face while the rest of the body is that of a man. Just because a baby dung beetle, a variety of beetle species, comes out of dung ball and continues its life outside, the ancient Egyptians believed this to be an act of creation. He is also addressed as Khepra, Khepera and Khepri.

10. Fact about the God of Wisdom, Music, Writing and Magic – Thoth

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Thoth was one among the most admired ancient Egyptian gods associated with writing, astronomy, wisdom and magic. He was like a guide to most of other gods of Egypt and worked alongside Ra as his secretary in the land of the dead, or underworld. In the underworld, when the dead would come for their final judgement and punishment, it would be the role of Thoth to write an account of their deeds in the book of the dead.

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