15 Facts About Ancient Egyptian Gods That You should Know

There are many untold truths and myths associated with the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, and its time that you discovered some of these to satisfy your curiosity. Ancient Egyptians believed in supernatural powers much like they believed in the power of truth, morality and justice. The Egyptian mythology speaks of many power gods, each bestowed the duty to retain the natural order of the universe.

Most of these gods were worshiped in the form of animals like the lion, cow, cat and horse. However, the early Egyptians also believed in worshiping human gods like Shu, Min and Ptah. Come, let’s discover a few facts about these deities and unravel the mysteries.

1. Facts about A powerful Theban God – Amun

Egyptian Mythology

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Egypt Gods like Amun were much worshiped all through the Middle and New kingdoms. Amun was also known as Ammon, or Amen and was regarded as the patron god of the pharaohs of the new kingdoms of Thebes. The name Amun’s literal translation is “Hidden One, Mysterious of Form”, and was shown sometimes as a human, and at other times as a goose or even a ram. In his human avatar, he was depicted as wearing a crown. These two avatars were meant to signify that the true identity of this god could never be revealed.

2. Fact about the Jackal Headed God – Anubis

Egyptian Mythology

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Anubis is one of the most famous ancient Egyptian gods that has found mention in many historical documentaries and Hollywood movies. The god had a head of a jackal and was known as the protector of the dead. He was also worshiped as a god who presided over the rituals of embalming and guarded the tombs. Anubis guided the souls for judgement by Osiris in the Hall of the Two Truths. Parented by Nephythys and Seth, Anubis had a cult following in Cynopolis.

3. Fact about the God of Death, Underworld and Rebirth – Osiris

Egypt Gods

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Wearing a crown that’s adorned with feathers, Osiris was ancient Egypt’s god and guardian of the underworld and death. He was also regarded as a god of rebirth and was also Egypt’s first king. However, not everyone would know that Osiris was the protector of crops and fields originally. It was only later that he assumed the pivotal role of guiding people to the underworld after death. Seth, his brother killed him but was revived by Isis, his wife. Thereafter, Osiris became the main deity protecting the dead.

4. Fact about the Goddess of Funeral Rites – Isis

Egypt Gods

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Egyptian mythology is rich and there are many secrets that remain to be discovered still. It is dominated by people’s belief in the superstitions and supernatural that led them to worship different gods, each denoting a deep meaning. One such revered goddess was Isis, the wife of Osiris. The goddess is worshiped in human form and is seen wearing a crown made of cow horn. The horns holds the sun shown in flaming orange color. Isis is worshiped as a goddess of funeral rites.

5. Fact about the Patron Goddess of Women, Beauty, Pleasure and Love – Hathor

Egypt Gods

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Known as the cow goddess, Hathor was the divine goddess of pleasure, music and beauty. She was worshiped by women all across Egypt and was depicted wearing a crown enclosing a sun disk within. Hathor was worshiped in human or cow form. In her human avatar, the goddess was shown wearing a headgear made out of a cow’s horns or a lady with cow ears. Hathor was Horus’s wife and was Ra’s daughter.

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