15 Interesting Things about Ancient Chinese Mythology

6. Wangmu Niangniang

Chinese mythology

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Also known as Queen Mother of the West, Wangmu Niangniang is the wife of Jade Emperor and the highest goddess in Chinese mythology. She commands over the rest of the female gods. Wangmu Niangniang is also considered as a god of longevity and happiness. She has magic pills that can make people immortal, and own a peach garden that grow trees that can keep people young forever.

7. The white snake legend

Chinese mythology

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This one has a much happier ending. Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, forms the backdrop of this story. The city is famous for its lakes. Once, a white snake used to live in one of the lakes. It got magical powers and was able to turn itself into a human being. She fell in love with a scholar named Xu Xuan. They had to overcome several odds before they could convince the gods and seek blessings for their union.

8. The dragon

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According to Chinese mythology, the dragon is an absolute hero. It’s the most divine and powerful creature and the controller of water. The dragon was the emperor’s symbol that brought good fortune and prosperity. It’s said that legendary Yellow Emperor transformed into a dragon and then flew to the heaven after his death.

9. Nian

Chinese mythology

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There’s a reason as to why there’s a lot of noise to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There was once a scary looking monster named Nian. He regularly came down the mountains hunting for people. They were afraid of the monster and kept themselves locked in their houses. A wise old man of the village, one day, suggested that it will be better to stick together and chase away Nian. The villagers did likewise with a lot of fireworks and beating up drums. The monster was taken by surprise. It became terrified and started running around the village. Soon it was totally exhausted and then the villagers killed it. The day is observed as the Chinese New Year, and “Ninan” means “year” in China.

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10. Pangu and how the world came into being

Chinese mythology

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The big bang, according to Chinese mythology, happened when god Pangu cracked the egg inside in which he was sleeping. The egg had Yang and Yin that separated after the crack. Yang, the lighter of the two, rose up and created the sky. Yin, meanwhile, formed the earth. Pangu ensured that both Yang and Yin were held in their place with his hand and feet.

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