18 Weird Victorian Sex Tips : Sex During the Victorian Era

13. Don’t get over excited

Victorian Women

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There were many so called health experts in Victorian times, and each one of them had a different take on sex and matters related to it. According to one such health expert, a petite and delicately built woman could harm and injure herself seriously if she were ever to have an excitement sex session with her partner. Any kind of over excitement was considered dangerous. Wild sex could also result in insanity and blindness. Even, certain sexual positions except the missionary were considered risky as a woman could get affected with cancer.

14. Always practice clothes-on sex

Victorian Women

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There was no passion whatsoever as far as Victorian age sex was concerned as there were a hundred do’s and don’ts to follow. Among the many tips, there was this one that advised husbands and wives to have sex without taking off their clothes. Therefore, most Victorian men and women practiced sex wearing cotton pajamas and nightgowns. The idea behind such a tip is still not clear, but we assume that it helped the Victorians to achieve the aim with minimal effort and stay warm.

15. Have sex when its completely dark

 Sex in Victorian Era

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Victorian health experts were not as logical as the physicians of today. They were of the opinion that sex was a thing that was only required for reproduction and not for pleasure. Every expert had something negative to contribute, such as Smythers who was of the opinion that it was better for men and women to initiate sex in the dark.

He went further saying that women could excuse themselves from sexual contact if their partners stumbled in the dark and injured themselves. The main aim here was to ‘say not to sex altogether’. There is one excerpt from his book which goes like this “When he comes groping into the room she should make no sound to guide him in her direction, lest he take this as a sign of encouragement. She should let him grope in the dark. There is always the hope that he will stumble and incur some slight injury which she can use as an excuse to deny him sexual access.”

Smythers also advised men to have sex in the dark as it would help them not to see how ugly their partners were. How chauvinistic, we must say!!

16. If trying to conceive, do not sneeze

 Victorian Sex

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Victorian sex tips were generally stupid and had no logical explanation. One such tip was for the wives that were trying to conceive. According to Riddell’s book, a wife had to follow a strict protocol if she and her husband were trying conception. He advised wives not to sneeze, or talk or cough as doing all these could prevent pregnancy.

17. Don’t have lazy sex

Sex in Victorian Era

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In Fern Riddell’s book ‘The Victorian Guide to Sex: Desire and Deviance in the 19th Century‘, he mentioned about how lazy sex between partners could result in ugly children. An excerpt from this book says, “any union without true love, according to the manuals of the day, would bring forth ‘ill-looking, sour and spiritless offspring,’ while those hoping for good-looking children should remember that sex must not be ‘faintly or drowsily performed.'”

What he mentioned was completely idiotic as there are no scientific proofs of this claim. Riddell was like his other Victorian era counterparts that believed in living a life full of restrictions and rules.

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18. Be careful to watch the wind

Victorian Sex Tips

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This tip was meant for both men as well as Victorian women who were trying to conceive. It was Riddell again who wrote about this tip. And according to him, the direction of the wind determined the health and temperament of the children that were conceived on the day their parents mated. According to him, if, at the time of intercourse, the wind blew from the north, then a child born from that mating turned out strong. If it blew easterly, then such children turned out weaker.

Sex in Victorian era was definitely screwed up and not quite like it is today – the modern times. It was a strange era, though, progressive, yet, very closed and tight lipped with matters related to sex and love. The Victorians gave us Industrial Revolution and advancements in science and arts, but, at the same time, also attempted to turn a whole generation of men and women mechanical. The above listed Victorian sex tips will definitely make you look at sex from a funny angle!

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