18 Weird Victorian Sex Tips : Sex During the Victorian Era

7. Dance after sex to prevent pregnancy

Sex in Victorian Era

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Have you heard any physician advice a woman to start dancing after she has had sex with her partner? Of course not!! This is so because there is no scientific proof that any activity such as dancing after sex will stop pregnancy. But, according to Eugene Becklard, the best way to prevent conceiving was to dance after a woman had a session of love making. For anyone that didn’t want a child, dancing was the best way to thwart conception. In Becklard’s words, ‘dancing about the room before repose, for a few minutes, might probably have that effect’.

8. Flirtation causes disease

Victorian Age Sex

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Victorian women faced bottlenecks in many areas such as sex. They had to follow proper codes of conduct even when engaging in sex. A Victorian woman was expected to behave in a prim and proper manner, and it was considered immoral if she was ever found to be flirting with men. Hanchett was quite progressive, but, he too was bound by certain idiocracies of his time. He was of the opinion that women should never engage in flirtations as this tempts men to visit brothels and in doing so, it leads to various diseases. Though, he may have been a little correct when he said this, but, flirting doesn’t cause any kind of disease and is considered healthy if not done with the purpose of harming anyone.

9. Don’t have sex on stairs

Victorian Age Sex

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Coming up next in this list of weird sex tips from the Victorian times is the one that asks you not to have sex on the stairs. Okay, we get it!! The Victorian physicians like Fern Riddell believed that having sex on the stairs resulted in the conception of children with crooked backs! He mentioned about this tip in his book named ‘The Victorian Guide to Sex: Desire and Deviance’. Oh god…were they not inventors and great literates? Then, how come they had such funny notions? Well, that was the case with most Victorians who believed in this notion thoroughly.

10. Avoid sex to prevent STIs

Victorian Age Sex

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Victorian sex tips were mostly all biased towards women, but, there were a few of them that were logical and were meant for protecting women against STIs or sexually transmitted infections. There was a book for Victorian young girls called ‘What a Young Woman Ought to Know’ that explained how a woman could contact STIs from men, but the information was written in a flowery way.

Here is an excerpt from this book which goes like this “The busy bee intent on getting honey for himself has no idea that he is bearing life on his hairy thighs, but they are covered with the pollen he has caught in his visit to a flower and this will be left in the seed-bearing blossom of the same species of flower he next chances to call upon.” According to this, a man can give STIs like herpes to a woman if he has the habit of sleeping around which may result in him getting infected too.

The moral – Stay away from intercourse if it involves too many partners. This tip was probably meant for both the parties.

11. Ride a horse to thwart pregnancy

Victorian Women

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Eugene Becklard must be applauded for he gave a gift of stupid Victorian sex tips to the Victorian society and made the ‘game under the sheets’ a terrible affair! He mentioned in his book that a woman needed to ride or trot a horse on a rough road after having intercourse if she wished not to be knocked down. Dancing wildly after sex also prevented pregnancy.

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12. You have to come at the same time as your husband

Victorian Women

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Though, it may seem that most of these sex tips were biased towards women, but, a few of them were invented to help them. In Victorian times, a wife was given a right to refuse sex with her husband if he could not achieve ‘mutual adjustment’. That is to say if a husband couldn’t adjust his ejaculation time with that of his wife, the wife could refuse him. This right was one of the few rights granted to a Victorian wife. It was considered a failure on the part of a partner who couldn’t come at the same time as his or her better half.

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