15 Things You should Know About British History

11. The Lincoln Cathedral

British History

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Completed in the year 1280, the Lincoln Cathedral was the first ever building to overtake the Pyramid of Giza, making it the tallest manmade structure of its time. Later in the year 1549, its spiral was destroyed in a storm, or else it would have been the largest structure built ever in the world until the year 1884, which marked the erection of the Washington Monument.

12. Afternoon tea

British History

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The worldwide popular custom of afternoon tea was devised by Anna Russel in the year 1840. Anna Russel was the Duchess of Bedford and she thought of adding tea in-between meals between lunch and supper because she found the need for it. She began inviting her friends to the tea party and the custom spread throughout England. The first ever Britain tea room was set up in the year 1864, and was built by Aerated Bread Company at the London Bridge. The British Empire came to enjoy tea time all thanks to Anna Russel.

13. Football started in England

History Of Britain

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Soccer or football was a sport which originated in England. It is said that the Anglo Saxon farmers were the ones who started playing it. While ploughing the field, they found the skull of a Danish soldier, and started kicking it to and fro amongst themselves, showing their bitter feeling towards the war which was fought a few years ago. This whole kicking series became a very amusing activity, which the farmers enjoyed a lot, and came to be termed as “kicking the Danes head” which later evolved to become the much loved sport of football.

14. The coronation ceremony

History Of Britain

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The coronation of the kings and queens is a ceremony followed by England from the past 1,000 years. William the conqueror was the first king to be coronated and the system has been going on since. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in the year 1953 was the first ever to be televised.

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15. Margaret Thatcher

History Of Britain

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Margaret Thatcher became the Prime Minister of England in the year 1979 and remained in office till 1990. She is the only women Prime Minister England has ever had.

The history of Great Britain has been extremely eventful. From the British Monarchs and their various colonies, to the British parliament, to the sports played in the country as well as its powerful position in the globe, everything has ensured that British history is intriguing and full of facts.

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