Top 13 Holy Books You Must Read

11. New Testament

Holy Books

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The New Testament forms the second part of the Bible, the first being the Old Testament. The holy book of the Christians comprises of 72 books, each laying down beliefs pertaining to Christianity. The New Testament contains Biblical tales of the life of Jesus, and his teachings for humanity. When you read the books, you get an insight into the life of the Lord, his works and all the tales till the last day of his life. It also consists of many stories relating to his resurrection as well.

12. Old Testament

Religious Books

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The first part of the Bible is called the Old Testament that was written during the 12th century B.C. This holy book contains many stories and tales of hundreds of wars fought by famous heroes and kings. The language used to write the literature is both Hebrew and Aramaic. The Old Testament is a sacred book of the Jews and contains many writings meant for the people following Judaism. It governs the basic principals that act as the foundations for the religions of Christianity and Judaism.

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13. Five Classics

Religious Books

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The religion of Confucianism is governed by the Five Classics. These are the spiritual books that offer guidelines and morals related to this religion. These were written before 300 B.C and tell many stories and tales relating to various mighty wars fought by kings and warriors of ancient China. The Five Classics also guide people about following a path of righteousness and lay importance on believing God. These holy books are considered to be the most sacred of all spiritual books of the Chinese.

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