Top 13 Holy Books You Must Read

6. Torah

Jewish Holy Books

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There are two Jewish holy books out of which the Torah is the most important. Its a spiritual book that guides Jews how to lead their life including explanation about Jewish culture and beliefs. It also comprises knowledge about the trials faced by Jews and the various religious obligations and duties that they must comply with in order to be called followers of god. It also contains Halakha or civil laws that bind each and every Jew. Its believed that the preachings written in the Torah were given by the Lord via prophet named Moses.

7. Talmud

Jewish Holy Books

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The second among the two Jewish holy books is called Talmud. The spiritual book of the Jews is called Shas and comprises the oral laws governing the religion of Judaism. Talmud consists of 63 chapters, divided into two parts. Mishnah is the first part of the book and Gemara is the second part. The whole book offers deep insight into the ancient rules, laws and traditions that Jews followed and spans across 62,000 pages in total. Now a days, people belonging to other faiths have started reading Talmud to get to know more of Judaism.

8. Koran

Holy Books

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Religious books like Koran teach you many moral values related to living life piously and righteously. The Koran teaches its followers to live life as a true Muslim. The ethos of Islam can be best understood when you read the holy Quran comprising of 114 chapters or suras. The ethics mentioned in each of the chapters pertain to the social lives of Muslims. The language used for writing the book is Arabic and was published only after 650 A.D. The Koran is read everyday by devout Muslims all round the globe.

9. Tao-Te-Ching

Religious Books

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Tao-te-ching is a holy book that propagates morals and ethics related to Taoism, the religion governing the Chinese. Written in the 6th century B.C., the text of the book was composed of Chinese Language. In all it consists of 81 chapters. The whole book contains textual matter as well as poems. Tao-Te-Ching has been translated into other languages to reach out globally. It offers guiding principals about how one should lead his or her life with freedom and pure thoughts.

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10. Zend Avesta

Religious Books

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Holy books like the Zend Avesta have been written by the founder Zarathustra or Zoroaster himself. The holy book of the Parsis has been composed in a language called Avestan that has a close relationship with Sanskrit. The whole book is composed of Gathas meaning prose. In all there are 17 gathas that tell the tales of the journey undertaken by the Parsis to reach India. These gathas were composed by the founder himself and are very rich from linguistic point of view.

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