13 Best Masterpieces of Victorian Architecture

11. John Rylands Library

Victorian buildings

Image Credit: camelsandchocolate

Built in the 1890s, the John Rylands library is located in Manchester, England. It is a classic example of late-Victorian Neo Gothic architecture. Made of Cumbrian sandstone, it is a majestic structure which has an old world charm. Founded by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands the structure was set up in the year 1900.

12. Victoria Law Courts

Victorian buildings

Image Credit: wikimedia

Located in Birmingham, the Victoria law court is situated at Corporation Street. This structure is a grade I listed terracotta and red brick building. The Birmingham magistrates court is now located inside this heritage building. Ingris Bell and Ashton Webb of London were the two men behind the design of this site and the architect was Alfred Waterhouse. The foundation stone was laid by Queen Victoria herself, and is a fine example of terracotta ornamentation.

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13. Barclays Bank Building

Victorian buildings

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Built in the year 1894, the Barclays Bank building is a four-storey building which was originally designed as the London and Provincial Bank. The stonework and the arches are absolutely stunning, making it an attraction for tourists and a fine example of Victorian architecture.

Victorian architecture was more about revival of medieval architecture. Most of the building and structures erected during this era have been noted down in history. The structures have a distinct design about them and the styles are associated to the early 19th century. The aforementioned buildings are inspiration for engineers and architects. They also attract a lot of tourists; making them heritage sights.

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